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Short introduction to Chaos Dragon:

In the sparkling era year 3015, the great nations Donatia and Kouran divided the world in a cold war as they fight for supremacy. In the middle of this standoff is island country Nil Kamui, which has lost its independence.

10. The Heroic Legend of Arslan

Description: As Arslan gathers forces to fight for his cause, his progress is suddenly halted by the warring Princes of the neighboring country, Sindhura. Both brothers believe they have equal claim to the throne, but only one can succeed their father. Sensing the opportunity to form a powerful alliance, Arslan’s trusted advisor, Narsus forms a plan to end the feud once and for all. But their detour in Sindhura gives Lord Silver Mask and his followers time to strengthen their own influence back in Pars. The mystery surrounding Arslan’s true parentage has loyal Parsians questioning his right to rule. Shocked by the revelation that he may be fighting for a throne that isn’t his, Arslan has to wonder: Is blood truly what makes a king Or is the love he has for Pars and its people enough to see him through?

Number of Episodes: 25

Release Year: 2015

9. BlazBlue: Alter Memory

Description: Long ago, the world was saved from a monstrous creature known as the Black Beast by a group of heroes wielding a powerful combination of magic and science. Now, a rebel named Ragna the Bloodedge—who happens to be the most wanted man on the planet—finds himself in the middle of a mysterious plot that’s somehow connected to the Black Beast’s resurrection and the possible end of the world.

Number of Episodes: 12

Release Year: 2013

8. Million Arthur: Farewell, Beloved Dancho

Description: When the Arthurs are peeped on and groped, naturally, they blame Dancho. Can she convince the others of her innocence before they exile her for good?

Number of Episodes: 1

Release Year: 2019

7. Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys

Description: No synopsis yet – check back soon!

Number of Episodes: 1

Release Year: 1993

6. Growlanser IV: Wayfarer of the Time

Description: After a harrowing period of war, the countries of Valcania, Dulkheim and Igrecias formed a confederation and began a new system of political order, but were met with great resistance. Now, in Valcania’s capital, a rebellion is being planned to overthrow the current system of government, and only Lady Silvernale, captain of the guard, has the power to stop it. Along with delegates from Igrecias and heroes alike, she must do whatever it takes to keep the country from being caught in the middle of a brutal war, even if it means fighting those she has sworn to protect…

Number of Episodes: 1

Release Year: 2005

5. Kingdom of Chaos: Born to Kill

Description: The Kingdom of Bjorn is on a mission to take over the entire Old Continent of Neverland, and with the cold & ruthless Fract in command there looks to be no one that can stop it. At the same time, a man named Aide is wandering around the country of Orthozes (the sole country to hold off Bjorn) with his mercenary friends Mara & Dino, all in the name of finding out more about who he is… and why he looks exactly like Fract.

Number of Episodes: 4

Release Year: 2003

4. Mugen Senshi Valis PV

Description: A promotional video for the video game Valis: The Fantasm Soldier.

Number of Episodes: 1

Release Year: 1987

3. Panzer Dragoon

Description: One day, the brave hunter Kyle and his lady Alita are out hunting creatures when suddenly, a large black dragon appears, kidnapping Alita and killing their companion in the process. Hope lies only with a powerful blue dragon named Blau who is hell-bent on putting a stop to the black dragon’s sinister plans. Now, in order to save Alita and prevent further destruction, Kyle must join forces with Blau and stop their opponent from reaching the black tower before it’s too late!

Number of Episodes: 1

Release Year: 1996

2. Monster Strike the Movie 3: Lucifer – Dawn of Despair

Description: No synopsis yet – check back soon!

Number of Episodes: 1

Release Year: 2020

1. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children – Venice Film Festival Footage

Description: No synopsis yet – check back soon!

Number of Episodes: 1

Release Year: 2005

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