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Short introduction to Fairy Ranmaru:

Fairy Ranmaru: Anata no Kokoro Otasuke Shimasu follows five young men who work at the mysterious “Bar F” and who offer to heal the hearts of their clients, wiping away their tears and causing smiles to bloom like flowers. They take no payment … aside from stealing their clients’ hearts.

10. Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

Description: Teenage boys are notoriously lazy, and the members of Binan High School’s Earth Defense Club are no exception. Their definition of “earth defense” is bumming around all day at the local bathhouse. But when a pink wombat appears out of thin air and begs the boys to help him save the planet, even the idlest high schoolers jump to action. Watch the magical boys transform and save the earth with the power of LOVE!

Number of Episodes: 12

Release Year: 2015

9. Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle – Rhyme Anima

Description: Legendary rap group The Dirty Dawg could have taken Japan by storm, but they broke up before they could. Now each member has joined one of four rival groups—fighting for the territories Ikebukuro, Yokohama, Shibuya, and Shinjuku. Battles for turf are fought with Hypnosis Mics. These special microphones have the power to affect the human spirit, and people now use rap to determine superiority.

Number of Episodes: 13

Release Year: 2020

8. Pretty Cure

Description: The sporty Nagisa and the bookish Honoka are ordinary middle school students, but when two strange creatures called Mepple and Mipple force them together to form the magical girl squad Pretty Cure, their differences soon give way to a developing friendship. But being a hero of the Light is not all roses! Will there be enough time for studying, playing lacrosse and cute boys in between their battles against minions of evil?

Number of Episodes: 49

Release Year: 2004

7. Mahou Shoujo? Naria Girls

Description: Urara, Hanabi, and Inaho have decided to become popular anime characters! To make a show that both children and adults will love, they pick for their theme “Magical Girls”! Will they be able to successfully broadcast a 1 season magical girl anime and become popular characters?

Number of Episodes: 12

Release Year: 2016

6. Pretty Cure Max Heart

Description: The Dark Lord has fallen and all the worlds are safe from evil. That is, until the Queen of the Garden of Light loses her memory and turns into a little girl named Hikari. Nagisa and Honoka, having returned to a normal life of school work and boys, must transform into Pretty Cure once more to save the day! The duo must search for the twelve ‘Heartiel’ fairies that make up the Queen’s memories and abilities while trying to keep the minions of the Dark Zone at bay. All in a day’s work for the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure!

Number of Episodes: 47

Release Year: 2005

5. Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!

Description: The girls who had formerly lost their powers and bade farewell to their friends Coco and Nuts from Palmier Kingdom are resurrected as Pretty Cure by the mysterious woman Flora who also wants them to find her in a place called Cure Rosegarden. To go there, they need the magic Rose Pact and the powers of the four kings of countries surrounding Palmier. But a dark organization called Eternal is also striving to get to Cure Rosegarden by stealing the Rose Pact. Luckily, Precure get helped by new allies: the delivery-boy Syrup who can change into a giant bird and fly them anywhere they want and the mysterious and beautiful fighter Milky Rose stand alongside Pretty Cure to protect what is really valuable.

Number of Episodes: 48

Release Year: 2008

4. Magical Fairy Persia Pilot

Description: No synopsis yet – check back soon!

Number of Episodes: 1

Release Year: 2003

3. Minky Momo: The Bridge Over Dreams

Description: Momo is a young girl who finds herself on a bridge, waiting for someone; she doesn’t know who she is waiting for, but she happens to encounter a boy her age there. He is also waiting for someone but unfortunately, does not remember her face. Momo and the boy then spend their afternoon waiting for their special someone. They soon learn that the bridge holds a legend: “Two people that meet on this bridge will surely meet again, becoming best friends or lovers…” Since Momo and the boy have been waiting a long time now for their unknown partners, the boy is skeptical of this legend; Momo then announces that she will make the legend come true, she promises him that they will meet again, and they part ways. Will the legend come true?

Number of Episodes: 1

Release Year: 1993

2. Fairy Princess Minky Momo: Yume no Naka no Rondo

Description: Once upon a time there was a king and a queen and they had a little girl named Princess Gigi. Gigi’s royal parents told her that in order to govern their world wisely she would have to learn as much as she could about people, and the best place to do that was on Earth. Once on Earth, Gigi discovers an island with a secret garden where everyone is a child. In the garden she meets Peter who controls the fountain of youth which keeps everyone young. Together Gigi and Peter learn the importance of following their dreams as they fight to keep the power of the fountain of youth from getting in the hands of an evil organization.

Number of Episodes: 1

Release Year: 1985

1. Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu

Description: Rimu, Riko and Nagisa are three sisters who live with their family in Kamiha City; lighthearted and bubbly, the trio spends their days attending class and watching over the household’s pets while their mother frequently leaves on business trips. However, one day their lives change forever when Rimu and Riko make their way into the attic, finding strange devices that activate and turn into animal costumes! As if this isn’t strange enough, when the girls act like the animal of their costume, they physically turn into the creature as well! Unfortunately for Rimu, Riku and Nagisa, others have arrived in their town for nefarious purposes, and it seems to have something to do with these devices…

Number of Episodes: 50

Release Year: 2009

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