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Short introduction to Shokugeki no Souma (Food Wars)

Ever since he was little, Souma Yukihira’s main goals have been to beat his father in a cooking contest and take over the family diner. That’s why, when his dad suddenly announces that he’s shutting the restaurant down and sending Souma to cooking school, Souma is shocked. However, Tohtsuki Academy is no ordinary cooking school. This elite institution is filled with culinary giants like Erina “God Tongue” Nakiri, who does her best to keep a lowly short-order like Souma from even making it inside the door. However, if the snobs can dish it out, Souma can serve it up, and when he learns that only a handful of the students manage to graduate every year, he swears that the only way he’ll leave is as number one!

10. Dr. Stone

Description: Several thousand years after a mysterious phenomenon that turns all of humanity to stone, the extraordinarily intelligent, science-driven boy, Senku Ishigami, awakens. Facing a world of stone and the total collapse of civilization, Senku makes up his mind to use science to rebuild the world. Starting with his super strong childhood friend Taiju Oki, who awakened at the same time, they will begin to rebuild civilization from nothing… Depicting two million years of scientific history from the Stone Age to present day, the unprecedented crafting adventure story is about to begin!

Number of Episodes: 24

Release Year: 2019 – 2021

Both main characters are very passionate of their work and are not afraid to think out of the box to gain an advantage of a situation. They work their way around things that may seem impossible and will always see through things to the end. Their hard work and dedication is something that stands out from everyone else, which obviously attracts the attention from a variety of people naturally making them a leader of some sorts and a target for others. Many surprise moments and wow factors from both anime that will put you on the edge of your seat.

9. Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon)

Description: When Yuugo Hachiken enrolled at Ezonoo, an agricultural high school, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. While his classmates revel in the barnyard chores and hard labor, eager to gain skills for their careers, Yuugo is challenged and sometimes downright horrified by the things he’s having to learn, whether he’s corralling stray cows, learning the shocking truth of where chicken eggs come from, or even getting comfortable with riding a horse! Alongside peers such as the lovely Aki, Yuugo will learn all he can about agriculture, making close friends in the process.

Number of Episodes: 22

Release Year: 2013 – 2014

The main character both went away from their family to attend a school so that they can pursue their dreams. The characters are the type that will help others. The comedy is very good in both anime series.

8. Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family

Description: “Fulfilling meal… a familiar view” In this story, Fate and food meet in a delicious and gentle world. It’s nothing but an ordinary meal scene… Delicious meals are served at the Emiya’s dinner table every day, through spring, summer, fall and winter. — Let’s see… what’s for dinner today?

Number of Episodes: 13

Release Year: 2018 – 2019

Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family has interesting, popular japanese recipes in short episodes. While Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family has a more slice-of-life feel, it still has very interesting cooking scenes. As a small bonus, it has several characters from the Fate/Stay Night series, but in different roles such as Lancer working as a fish-merchant. All in all, Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family has plenty of fun, interesting recipes leaving you hungry for more.

7. Restaurant to Another World

Description: There is a certain restaurant in the first basement level of a multi-tenant building in one corner of a shopping street near the office district. The historical 70-year-old restaurant, marked by a sign with a picture of a cat, is called “Western Cuisine Nekoya.” This restaurant looks completely normal through the week, but on Saturdays, it opens in secret exclusively to some very unique guests. During these hours, doors in various areas of a parallel world open to allow customers of many different races and cultures into the restaurant.

Number of Episodes: 12

Release Year: 2017

Both anime take an untraditional spin on cooking show. While Food Wars does it in battle shounen style, Restaurant to Another World does it in isekai style. Both feature detailed animation depicting food, detailed description of the taste and of course, foodgasms.

6. Yume-iro Pâtissière

Description: Aside from her deep passion for eating cakes, the clumsy Ichigo Amano has never been successful at anything. After an encounter with Henri Lucas, a famous patissier, Ichigo’s amazing tasting abilities—although unbeknownst to her—are discovered. Recognizing her talent, Henri offers her the chance to attend St. Marie Academy, a prestigious culinary school which specializes in desserts. In spite of the fact that she is a beginner lacking skills, thanks to Henri’s recommendation, Ichigo is placed in the topmost group with the “Sweets Princes.” The princes, famous throughout the school for their magical treats, are Sennosuke Andou, an expert in traditional Japanese sweets; Satsuki Hanabusa, with a flair for candied flowers; and Makoto Kashino, a gifted chocolatier. Ichigo and the Sweets Princes, each accompanied by their “Sweets Spirits”—fairies who make patissiers’ dreams come true—all work towards their goals in the competitive world of sweets.

Number of Episodes: 50

Release Year: 2009 – 2010

Similar in both anime revolves around cooking/baking foods, as well training to become better at which they want to specialize (in Yume-iro as a patissiere, and in Shokugeki as a chef). As-well, as having both anime explain how they created their food, and how the judge explains what they feel when they tasted the food created. They both share comedy – school-life, and explanation of how they created such food. So if you enjoy one of these anime, you’ll surely enjoy the other.

5. Toriko

Description: It’s the age of the gourmet and across the land lie countless delectable treats just waiting to be eaten. Unfortunately, many of the rarest and most delicious ingredients require special skills and incredible physical power to obtain them. Enter Toriko, a luxury food provider with a passion for anything edible. The hunter-for-hire travels across the globe alongside his new assistant, chef Komatsu, in order to sample each new ingredient and decide upon his ultimate full course menu. Armed with nothing but his “knife”, “fork” and appetite, can Toriko hunt down his prey and discover the perfect components to make up the banquet of his lifetime?

Number of Episodes: 147

Release Year: 2011 – 2014

Anime that follows the usual battle shounen tropes, but with one twist – the plot is all about food and cooking. While Shokugeki no Souma battles are chef duels, Toriko battles are mostly about getting the cooking ingredients. Both feature delicious looking foods and foodgasms.

4. No Game No Life

Description: An urban legend states that those exceptionally gifted at gaming will be sent a special game invitation, and the winners of the challenge will be whisked away to another world. When Sora and Shiro, two hikikomori NEETs who happen to be both siblings and notorious gamers, receive this invitation, they defeat it with ease. And like the legends tell, they’re transported to another world where conflicts, peoples’ lives and even country borders are decided by competitions and games. Always up for a challenge, the pair quickly take on the obstacles that come their way, whether it be restoring lowly humanity’s good name compared with the other races or helping influence who will become the next king.

Number of Episodes: 12

Release Year: 2014

Both Shokugeki and No Game No Life are shows about main characters seeking to reach the top of a hierarchy. In NGNL, the sibling pair challenge other races for domination, seeking the ability to challenge the god of their world to a game for control of the world. In Shokugeki, Yukihira seeks to reach the top spot in Totsuki Culinary School to prove that he is the best cook. While the shows have distinct dynamics and humor, they both share a balance of action, ecchi, and story development with a plethora of characters. Also, both male main characters have same voice actor.

3. Gourmet Girl Graffiti

Description: After her grandmother passed away, high school student Ryou Machiko began living by herself. Although she recreated her grandmother’s recipes perfectly, she felt that something was missing. However, when a girl named Kirin begins visiting her home, she realizes that company makes any meal taste better. Together with their friend Shiina, they enjoy many different kinds of delicious foods together.

Number of Episodes: 12

Release Year: 2015

Cooking is love and cooking is life! Imagine living through the end of one’s lifetime without the pleasure of experiencing prominent cuisines, that would be nothing short of heartbreaking. Food Wars and Gourmet Girl Graffiti share an older brother – younger sister sibling relationship that will certainly put a smile on everyone’s face with the comedy, friendship and hardships along the way. Gourmet Girl Graffiti focuses more on the slice of life and the female side of things. The erotic satisfaction on food cannot be mentioned enough as it deliver joy and laughter in a fun experience. Cooking skills + creativity will be tested and showcased in the most emphatic fashion where both sides have a trick up their sleeve. It is certainly a show that appeases a large majority regardless of their age and main interest in certain genres. The show was overflowed with entertainment whether it’s due to the brilliant comedy (foodgasm), the competitive cooking environment, or simply friendships with a hint of romance every now and then. Just when things were starting to become accustomed, more characters will be introduced and instead of being detrimental to the show’s quality, it enlivens it by tenfold.

2. Kakegurui

Description: Hyakkaou Private Academy. An institution for the privileged with a very peculiar curriculum. You see, when you’re the sons and daughters of the wealthiest of the wealthy, it’s not athletic prowess or book smarts that keep you ahead. It’s reading your opponent, the art of the deal. What better way to hone those skills than with a rigorous curriculum of gambling? At Hyakkaou Private Academy, the winners live like kings, and the losers are put through the wringer. But when Yumeko Jabami enrolls, she’s gonna teach these kids what a high roller really looks like!

Number of Episodes: 24

Release Year: 2017 – 2019

It’s almost weird how much this two are similar. School where basicaly only one thing matters (Cooking/Gambling), where a Newcomer starts to challenge everyone and make waves on the school. We also have Council of Students that are the best and most powerful and basically dominate the school. One more thing that’s similar are the mind games. Most of the time you never hear what Souma or Yumeko are thinking, instead it’s the tag along (Tadokoro & Suzui) that have a game going through their head and going into a panic over what is gonna happen and how Souma/Yumeko is gonna win this.

1. Yakitate!! Japan

Description: Dimwitted Azuma Kazuma is a young man with a dream — to create a bread worthy of the name “Japan”, made by the Japanese people, for the Japanese people! With hefty bread-making skills, hands that have an uncanny warmth to help dough ferment, and will power like no other, Kazuma must put his delicious creations to the test as he struggles to become employed at the prestigious Pantasia bakery, for fame and glory! Yeast, beware… Kazuma is in the kitchen!

Number of Episodes: 69

Release Year: 2004 – 2006

Both are food anime. Yakitate Japan focuses on bread and Food Wars focuses in food in general. The great thing about the two are the reactions the ones eating the food get. While Yakitate Japan’s are extremely hilarious and comical, Food Wars’ are more ecchi but still amusing at the same time. Both are quite in depth in explaining the process of how the food is prepared and also have cooking type battles.

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