Hey, guys welcome back to Kaizetsu.com. Today we are going to provide you the list of Anime which are very similar to anime named Horimiya

Short introduction to Horimiya:

Kyouko and Izumi are two classmates who each lead a double life: the popular and talented Kyouko cares for her little brother by herself while her parents are away, and the quiet, bespectacled Izumi hides his many piercings and tattoos at school. After accidentally discovering each other’s secrets the pair becomes fast friends, and together, they begin to navigate their new relationship together amongst unknowing peers and love rivals alike.

10. Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

Description: Narumi Momose has had it rough: every boyfriend she’s had dumped her once they found out she was an otaku, so she’s gone to great lengths to hide it. When a chance meeting at her new job with childhood friend, fellow otaku, and now coworker Hirotaka Nifuji almost gets her secret outed at work, she comes up with a plan to make sure he never speaks up. But he comes up with a counter-proposal: why doesn’t she just date him instead? In love, there are no save points.

Number of Episodes: 11

Release Year: 2018

Both animes portray relationships in realistic light. there’s no unnecessary drama. The partners help each other with emotional or socital struggles. The relationship developments seem very realistic.

9. Toradora!

Description: Ryuuji Takasu has an eventful life: his classmates think he’s a delinquent due to his ‘killer’ eyes; his crush Minori seems ever out of reach; and he’s just had an unfortunate encounter with ‘palm-sized Taiga’ – a feisty and dainty wench in his class. With different cleaning habits and tempers, the two clash like night and day; that is, except for the fact that Taiga and Ryuuji have crushes on the other’s good friend! With school rumors abounding, the duo must now work together to play matchmaker for each other. Who will end up with their true love?

Number of Episodes: 25

Release Year: 2008

Both are shoune rom coms. With Main Characters who by chance end up spending alot of time outside school but don’t want to acknowledge feelings towards one another.

8. Fruits Basket 1st Season

Description: Tohru Honda thought her life was headed for misfortune when a family tragedy left her living in a tent. When her small home is discovered by the mysterious Soma clan, she suddenly finds herself living with Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Sohma. But she quickly learns their family has a bizarre secret of their own: when hugged by the opposite sex, they turn into the animals of the Zodiac!

Number of Episodes: 25

Release Year: 2019

Horimiya is quite simular to fruits baskets whilst also being very different. If you enjoyed this anime you’ll definately enjoy fruits baskets.

7. A Day Before Us

Description: No synopsis yet – check back soon!

Number of Episodes: 10

Release Year: 2017

Both have that dynamic of following a few couples as things progress, and make you feel warm and fuzzy! 

6. Say “I love you.”

Description: Mei Tachibana has had neither a friend nor a boyfriend in 16 years, and she doesn’t plan on ending that streak any time soon. The outcast learned years ago that social obligations only lead to pain, and has carefully guarded her heart to keep from getting hurt. However, the girl can’t stay withdrawn forever, especially after attracting the attention of the handsome Yamato, who finds her caustic personality interesting and strives to date her after she roundhouse kicks him down the stairs. But even the most earnest of romances can be crippled by jealousy and insecurity, and this pair has plenty of both. Can their feelings for each other overcome their own emotional weaknesses, or will this love perish before it even begins?

Number of Episodes: 13

Release Year: 2012

Both anime show the main relationship development in a sweet loving way. Horimiya doesn’t have misunderstandings, however is similar to this one because the main couple is adorable 

5. Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki

Description: Expert gamer Tomozaki Fumiya doesn’t exactly fit in, but he wishes he did. With no written rules for success and gameplay that doesn’t work in his favor, the real world seems impossible for someone like him. But, like any noob, all he really needs are some strategies and a seasoned player like Aoi Hinami to help him. Hopefully with her guidance, Tomozaki will gain the experience he needs.

Number of Episodes: 12

Release Year: 2021

The main similarity is that both animes have an awkward guy as the main character who doesn’t seem to fit in. The guy then meets a girl, who ends up making the guy’s life better. Both animes mostly take place in school and all the characters are very colorful (including looks and personality).

4. My Senpai is Annoying

Description: My name is Futaba Igarashi, and my senpai, Takeda-san, is annoying. He’s big, loud, always in the way, and treats me like a child because he’s so tall and I’m so short. But he’s also kind, caring, and willing to go above and beyond for me. For example, he stopped some pervert from filming up my skirt when we took the train together, gave me a drink when I was pulling a long shift, and even came over to my place when I was cooped up with a cold. What gives?! If he keeps acting like this, people are going to think we’re dating or something…!

Number of Episodes: 12

Release Year: 2021

My Senpai is Annoying has been giving me the same vibes as Horimiya. Both are about romance in a commonplace with no other gimmicks. Both focus on multiple relationships, not just the one between the leads. Both have a strong comedy element. To me, the only difference is the setting (school for Horimiya, office for My Senpai is Annoying)

3. Kimi ni Todoke – From Me To You

Description: Sawako Kuronuma is just like any other high school girl who wants to make friends and be useful. The only problem is she bears a worrying resemblance to Sadako from ‘The Ring!’ Because of her reputation, people are not only terrified of her, but small dogs even bark in fear at her presence; in fact, the only person in school who will talk to her is the lively class hottie, Kazehaya. As the pair spends more time together, Kazehaya slowly begins to bring Sawako out of her shell and soon their feelings for each other develop further. Though with her crippling insecurities, lack of social skills, and a series of cruel rumors and misunderstandings, it seems that Sawako’s dream of a normal life won’t be quite so easy to obtain.

Number of Episodes: 25

Release Year: 2009

Played straight shoujo romances about a couple with opposite personalities falling in love. In Horimiya it’s the guy who’s misunderstood whereas in Kimi ni Todoke it’s the girl. Both anime have strong themes of school life friendships and adolescent drama.

2. Tsuredure Children

Description: To those of you out there who never could say “I love you” — This story is about ordinary highschoolers and how love makes them fired up, shaken, laugh, cry, and hurt. Whether things go well or not, this story of adolescence and romance will show you how they spend their precious youth. Every character is the main character here, and you’re sure to find one you can sympathize with. 

Number of Episodes: 12

Release Year: 2017

Both focus on people’s love lives and their problems as they try to cope with them, both are romantic comedies and both are very light hearted in nature

1. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Description: Sorata Kanda has a real problem – he just can’t say no to the cute face of a kitten! However, his lovely strays have finally landed him in trouble, as his dorm doesn’t allow keeping pets. Given an ultimatum to get rid of the cats or move out, Sorata makes the mistake of standing up for himself and finds himself exiled to Sakurasou, the home of misfits the school doesn’t know what to do with. Yet the more he spends time there, Sorata sees they all have their own incredible talents. None, however, enthralls him more than the latest arrival: Mashiro Shiina, a world class artist who is seemingly incapable of feeding or clothing herself! Since none of the other residents have a shred of responsibility, the onus of ‘Mashiro Duty’ falls to Sorata; what will become of Sorata and his latest stray, and will he ever achieve his goal of escaping Sakurasou?

Number of Episodes: 24

Release Year: 2012

Both shows depict the bonds between friends in a very light hearted and wholesome way as the story develops in a school and home setting. though Horimiya is more hardcore in terms of romance. not only that but the development of the main/side characters are also well meted out. overall both animes are good and appropriate of the romance genre.

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