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Short introduction to Kemurikusa:

In a desolate world filled with ruined buildings, giant mechanical bugs and a sea of poisonous red fog that blankets the land, a band of sisters travels from island to island. The girls are aided by the power of Kemurikusa, mysterious glowing leaves that their plant Midori produces, but the water they need to keep themselves and Midori alive is getting difficult to find. When they encounter a man who has lost his memory on their travels, they are suspicious of the fact that his body chemistry is nothing like their own; but their new companion is fascinated with Kemurikusa and ends up joining them on their quest for survival. What awaits them in this strange world?

10. Girls’ Last Tour

Description: Two young girls travel through a desolate landscape in search of food, water, and fuel for their precious Kettenkrad motorbike. Although the world they wander through is a lonely one, Chito and Yuuri find happiness in the little things they encounter on their journey: a forgotten supply of military rations, a hot bath thanks to a leaky pipe in an abandoned power plant, or the discovery of a lone autonomous robot protectively guarding a solitary fish. Even if human civilization is dead, these two can always find something to live for.

Number of Episodes: 12

Release Year: 2017

9. Made in Abyss

Description: Young Riko has spent her entire childhood dreaming of exploring the Abyss, an enormous pit and series of caves filled with wonders and terrors that only the staunchest Cave Raiders have survived to bring back ancient artifacts from its depths. No one knows just how deep the pit is, but Riko’s own mother disappeared into it years ago, leaving her daughter behind with a powerful urge to follow after her and learn the Abyss’s mysteries for herself. One day Riko discovers a boy who seems to have originated from the Abyss and appears to be a sort of robot. Can he aid the little girl in her quest to find her missing mother? Or will the children become the Abyss’s next victims?

Number of Episodes: 13

Release Year: 2017

8. Green Legend Ran

Description: In the future, mysterious monoliths known as the Rodo fell from outer space, turning the world into a parched wasteland without rain or oceans. In this new world where humans struggle to survive, control is held by the Rodoists – worshippers of the Rodo. Ran is an orphaned and honest boy who has sworn revenge against the scarred man who took his mother from him; and in order to facilitate his revenge, Ran wishes to join the Anti-Rodoist group known as the Hazzard. In the process, however, Ran meets and falls in love with the silver-haired Aira, who has a destiny that is far more than he can comprehend. Now, Ran travels to the Holy Green to pursue his love and revenge, but can he choose between them?

Number of Episodes: 3

Release Year: 1992

7. Adventure on the Gaboten Island

Description: The series involves five children ship-wrecked on a desserted island who work together to survive with the help of a myna bird and a friendly gorilla.

Number of Episodes: 39

Release Year: 1967

6. Gibiate

Description: In 2030, people in Japan are turning into different forms of monsters based on their age, sex and race. The illness is named ‘Gibia’ – after being rich in variety like gibier. A pair of samurai and ninja appear in the blighted wasteland of Japan. They both travelled from the early Edo period, fighting together with help from a doctor who tries to find a cure for Gibia. Facing ceaseless attacks from Gibia, and outlaws that attack travelers for food, they start the dangerous journey with enemies all around.

Number of Episodes: 12

Release Year: 2020

5. Freedom

Description: It is the year 2267, and all that is left of humanity now lives in the ‘Eden colony’, a domed metropolis on the moon. Earth has long since been abandoned after a cataclysm left it uninhabitable… or so the inhabitants of Eden are led to believe. But when a young boy named Takeru discovers a photograph of a girl which appears to have been taken on Earth, he begins to doubt that this is the case. With the help of his friends, Takeru decides to visit Earth in search of the girl; despite the fact that it is against the strict laws of the colony and despite not knowing what awaits him there…

Number of Episodes: 7

Release Year: 2006

4. The Weathering Continent

Description: In the distant future, the world has become barren and dry with deserts encompassing most of the land, making water the most precious of resources. It is in this world that three travellers wander the land, wanting not much more than to survive. For Tieh, Lakushi, and Boice, the journey truly begins when they chance upon Azec Sistura, the legendary lost city of the dead. Unfortunately for them, they aren’t the only ones to have found the city, and then there’s the matter of the curse…

Number of Episodes: 1

Release Year: 1992

3. Buki yo Saraba

Description: In a post-apocalyptic future, a group of soldiers is sent to a ghost city to destroy an automated sentry.

Number of Episodes: 1

Release Year: 2013

2. Eden

Description: The upcoming sci-fi fantasy series Eden is set thousands of years in the future, where a city known as “Eden 3” is inhabited solely by robots whose former masters vanished a long time ago. On a routine assignment, two farming robots accidentally awaken a human baby girl from stasis questioning all they were taught to believe — that humans were nothing more than a forbidden ancient myth. Together, the two robots secretly raise the child in a safe haven outside Eden.

Number of Episodes: 4

Release Year: 2021

1. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Recap

Description: No synopsis yet – check back soon!

Number of Episodes: 1

Release Year: 2009

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