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Short introduction to One-Punch Man

In a city plagued with thugs, mutants, and supervillains, Saitama decides to become a superhero for fun. He envisions an exciting life where he is constantly challenged with tough opponents, but after three years of intense training, he’s become so strong that he defeats every enemy with one punch! His dream of engaging challenging foes has gone up in smoke, and his overpowered life is filled with overpowering boredom. Then a cyborg named Genos learns about Saitama’s amazing ability and begs him to make him his disciple. Saitama isn’t interested in taking on an apprentice, but Genos isn’t giving up. Can he convince the disillusioned hero to teach him the secret of his strength? And will Saitama ever find a worthy adversary to battle?

10. Mob Psycho 100

Description: Kageyama Shigeo, a.k.a. “Mob,” is a boy who has trouble expressing himself, but who happens to be a powerful esper. Mob is determined to live a normal life and keeps his ESP suppressed, but when his emotions surge to a level of 100%, something terrible happens to him! As he’s surrounded by false espers, evil spirits, and mysterious organizations, what will Mob think? What choices will he make?

Number of Episodes: 29

Release Year: 2016 – ?

Both anime are from the same creator, giving both a similar feel and animation style. Each has an over-powered main character; although they share this same characteristic, the ways in which the characters deal with their powers is highly different. Saitama accepts his abilities and uses them to his full strength while Mob does what he can to keep his powers under control. Overall, both anime have interesting story lines and well thought out characters. 

9. My Hero Academia

Description: Izuku has dreamt of being a hero all his life—a lofty goal for anyone, but especially challenging for a kid with no superpowers. That’s right, in a world where eighty percent of the population has some kind of super-powered “quirk,” Izuku was unlucky enough to be born completely normal. But that’s not going to stop him from enrolling in one of the world’s most prestigious hero academies. Now, the only thing standing between him and his first class is the academy’s formidable entrance exam—nothing a little private tutoring from the world’s mightiest hero can’t solve.

Number of Episodes: 95+

Release Year: 2016 – ?

Both anime have about the same world, filled with super heros, and so there is a wide range of differnet powers. One Punch Man is more comedy than Hero Academia, however in types of worlds they are very similar. The difference comes in the characters. While both main characters just wanted to be super heros…

In One Punch Man, our main character decided one day to become a hero and so trained and became really immensely strong. So strong his hair fell out and he could defeat anything in one punch. Really though, he just wants to find someone who is a challenge to defeat.

In Hero Academia, our main character is a fan boy of a famous super hero, and although he does not have any quirks (the name for powers in this anime), he still dreams of becoming a hero and chases this dream even though everyone says it’s impossible. Well, without giving too much away, he gets closer to reaching his dream throughout the anime. We watch him grow from a quirkless boy to someone quickly becoming stronger and much more able to stand up for himself instead of whimpering away.

8. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Description: Kusuo Saiki is a typical 16-year-old high school student… except he has psychic powers. He can use them to get whatever he wants, but he also knows everything that people are thinking. Everything. No surprises, no secrets, no normal human experiences. He’s kept his powers in check since childhood, but with the temptations of high school now on his mind, he’s bending the rules—and spoons.

Number of Episodes: 50+

Release Year: 2016 – ?

Punch Man and Saiki are similar as to they feature a very strong main character. But just like in the both of them, the lead is just trying to live a very ordinary life. Saiki doesn’t have the action of Punch Man, but contains a lot of very funny jokes in the same nature of the series. While Punch Man is outstanding in both jokes and it’s action sequences.

7. Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Description: Drawn to the mystique of the unknown, Hunters travel the world in search of terrifying creatures, incredible riches, and unexplored lands. Gon Freecss is a naive-yet-determined young boy who aspires to join the ranks of these individuals, in order to find his missing father Ging – a master of the profession himself. To reach his goal, he partakes in the formidable Hunter Exam, a series of tests that push the participants to their physical and mental limits, with a Hunter License as the prize. During the exam Gon befriends vengeful Kurapika, doctor-to-be Leorio, and skilled assassin Killua, who have entered for their own reasons. But with the sinister Hisoka standing in their way, will Gon and his friends be able to succeed in obtaining their reward, or even escaping with their lives?

Number of Episodes: 148

Release Year: 2011 – 2014

The way the characters are constructed and the easy-going but still thrilling action packed episodes really complement each other. Both have very simliar attributes in fighting, where moves are original to the character, and each character has a vibrant and energetic atmosphere to them.

6. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

Description: In Gakuban Prefectural High School, there’s a boy who just might be the coolest human being alive – a first-year student with style and finesse that solves every problem with ease, and looks absolutely fabulous in the process. Women adore him, children idolize him, and delinquents are frustrated by their inability to defeat him. The teachers can’t outwit him, and when there’s an animal in trouble, even the raging winds can’t hold him back! Whether he’s thwarting bullies, sword fighting with an angry bee, or eluding the unwanted attentions of a smitten middle-aged lady, he will always succeed and he will always look unimaginably cool while doing it. Haven’t you heard? He’s Sakamoto!

Number of Episodes: 12

Release Year: 2016

Both anime involve the titular character who exceed incredibly well at a specific task, for Saitama, it’s defeating enemies with one punch… for Sakamoto, he is just overall good at everything and is always prepared. Some characters in both shows are always impressed at how well the protaganist is at everything… The other factor is the ridiculous antics the hero gets himself into, but at the end of they day he will always succeed, because he is just magically talented at it to the point that he could never lose and no one can ever beat them. 

5. Gintama

Description: In Gintoki’s Japan, the arrival of the various space races known collectively as the Amanto ended the era of the samurai. The Amanto’s highly advanced technology resulted in total conquest and a severe economic shift. Now, former samurai such as Gintoki scrape together whatever livelihood they can. Gintoki’s profession of choice is that of a yorozuya: he’ll complete any job for money. However, he’s unmotivated; and spending most of the day on the couch with the latest issue of Jump and a carton of Strawberry Milk is his preferred pastime. It turns out that his new unpaid employees, Shinpachi and Kagura, are going to interfere with his pastime even more than with his “work”! Of course, none of this means he has really given up on his samurai ideologies!

Number of Episodes: 201

Release Year: 2006 – 2010

Both have the same type of sarcastic humor with excellent graphics that go beyond a regular comedy will do. Also, in both shows, the main protagonist rarely ever gets the praise they deserve.

4. The Devil is a Part-Timer!

Description: When Demon King Satan was facing his demise at the hands of Hero Emilia, he had no choice but to quickly flee to another world with his Demon General, Alsiel. However, upon their arrival, the twosome is taken aback with the realization they have lost almost all of their magic – and moreover, were transformed into ordinary humans and are stranded in an otherworldly place called Japan! To survive, the Demon King must now work a part-time job at a fast-food joint and attempt to adapt to modern society the best the pair can as Japanese citizens, all while scheming to rule over the country in the process. But with Hero Emilia and others on Satan’s tail to slay him for good, will Japan ever become his new domain?

Number of Episodes: 13

Release Year: 2013 – ?

Both shows have a unique (and sort of ridiculous) theme. In The Devil is a Part Timer!, Satan works at a fast food restaurant. In One Punch Man, a man becomes a hero for fun and becomes too strong and gets bored of it. Both are absolutely hilarious, with some action thrown in. The jokes are never ending from the get go. If you like action-comedy, you will like both The Devil is a Part Timer! and One Punch Man.

3. Tiger & Bunny

Description: In Sternbuild City, corporate logos not only cover billboards, but also the costumes of the super-powered heroes that act as its protectors. Veteran and newcomer warriors of justice alike compete in a reality TV show that offers points for apprehending criminals while giving champions’ sponsors a chance to promote their brand. When the low-ranking Wild Tiger loses his backing after a string of outrageous, botched rescues, he finds himself paired with an up-and-coming spotlight-seeker called Barnaby. But with their wildly different personalities, will the pair be able to save their beloved Sternbuild City and win the game show, or will their constant tension be the undoing of the world’s first hero team?

Number of Episodes: 25

Release Year: 2011

Tights & Masks for every soul! Yes, One-Punch Man is definitely more violent, but both shows take Superpowers and Superhero character development to the next level.

2. Cuticle Detective Inaba

Description: In a world where humans and human-animal chimeras live together, half-human criminals leave non-human clues that have the police stumped. Enter the “lone wolf” detective Hiroshi Inaba, who has the ability to extract information just by examining (or tasting) someone’s hair! While his methods are unorthodox, he’s up against a half goat crime boss with an appetite for green legal tender. Can sheer dogged detective work put the baaaaad guys behind bars?

Number of Episodes: 12

Release Year: 2013

Both shows are comedy/parody anime, with graphic violence. Both shows have a random sense of humor and have strange non human characters, that are just as weird and crazy as everyone else.

  1. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012)

Description: When Jonathan Joestar was just a baby, his mother tragically died in a carriage accident, and his father George was saved by the kindness of a stranger, Dario Brando. At least, that’s what George believed, unbeknownst to him that Dario was just attempting to steal from the victims. Thus, when Dario later dies and his son, Dio, comes to his doorstep, the wealthy George eagerly adopts the boy. But what should have become a budding friendship between two siblings quickly becomes a nightmare for poor Jonathan, as Dio is cruel, calculating and will go to great lengths to become George’s primary heir. Little does Jonathan know that this unfortunate childhood is only the harbinger of things to come…

Number of Episodes: 26

Release Year: 2012 – 2013

Both anime feature strong protagonists, who have to defeat seemingly invincible enemies who threaten humanity. Both have a lot of over the top action and some comedy.

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