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Short introduction to Rumble Garanndoll:

The story begins in 2019, just before the change in historical eras for Japan. A rift to another dimension suddenly opens in the skies above, revealing a “turnabout” alternate world called “Shinkoku Nippon.” This parallel version of Japan maintained its militarism and remains stuck in the Showa era. Shinkoku Nippon invades our Japan with its “Genmu” gas weapons (on which our own modern weapons have no effect) and giant humanoid “Garan” weapons. The invaders immediately take over our government and all but conquer Japan. As a result, our Japan never ushers in the Reiwa era. A decade later, our Japan has been revamped as Genkoku Nippon, a puppet state of Shinkoku Nippon. Under harsh censorship, the once thriving manga, anime, idol, and similar sub-cultures have completely died off … or so it seemed.

10. Miss Kuroitsu From the Monster Development Department

Description: Follows Kuroitsu, an assistant researcher in the superhuman research & development department of Agastya, a villainous secret organization that battles with heroes who try to save the world. Kuroitsu lives a busy life in Agastya, caught between the absurd requests of her bosses; making presentations; implementing new features into superhumans; and getting results within the allotted time, budget, and spec requests; all without vacation.

Number of Episodes: 12

Release Year: 2022

9. Akiba’s Trip: The Animation

Description: Based off the hit game comes a new series about the danger lurking in the Otaku heaven of Akihabara. Vampires with an ability to take over anyone they bite seek their prey  in this anime fan’s paradise. When Tamotsu Denkigai encounters one, he nearly loses his life until the mysterious Matome Mayonaka revives him! Now part vampire, he forms a group to protect the streets of Akiba. fighting to keep the streets safe.

Number of Episodes: 13

Release Year: 2017

8. Kirameki Project

Description: In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the Genes Kingdom is proud of its high tech reputation, especially of Princess Kana who is an absolute genius when it comes to robots. One by one, the surrounding kingdoms fall victim to a mysterious giant robot under the control of some decidedly unattractive men. Setting their sights on Genes, the fate of the kingdom rests on the shoulders of Kana and her giant robot maid. Will the princess and Rincle stand up as the last line of defense for the nation?

Number of Episodes: 5

Release Year: 2005

7. Mokei Senshi Gunpla Builders Beginning G

Description: No synopsis yet – check back soon!

Number of Episodes: 3

Release Year: 2010

6. Gall Force 6: New Era

Description: Two hundred years have passed since mankind defeated the MME army and its leader, the artificial intelligence G.O.R.N. Earth has suffered war once more at the hands of Genova, the leader of a genetically modified evolution of humans known as the Yuman, and the effects of that war are visible even today. People now live in domed cities, population control is on the forefront of concern, and the planets are linked by a singular computer network. Now, fate strikes Earth once more as a Yuman man unleashes G.O.R.N. into the network, reviving its desires to exterminate humanity from the entire universe! It’s up to the aging android Catty and a team of women to help save all mankind once more!

Number of Episodes: 2

Release Year: 1991

5. Gall Force: The Revolution

Description: East Force meets West Force and all Hell breaks loose. The Solonoids, that lovable race of female warriors, are at it again, fighting amongst themselves. During a heated battle, however, it looks like the leaders of the two factions have hung their warriors out to dry. In the middle of all this fighting and chaos, East Force detects a transmission from an unidentified planet. The Gall Force gals leave their posts to go. Lufy, the West Force’s Ace Pilot, who is after Rabby, follows them to the planet.

Number of Episodes: 4

Release Year: 1996

4. Sentou Mecha Xabungle

Description: On the planet Zora, there are two societies: the Innocent and the Civilians. Jiron Amos seeks revenge against the outlaw who killed his parents, but in a world where Civilian crimes are forgiven if they’re not brought to justice within three days, there’s little he can do. Taking his revenge into his own hands, Jiron steals the mecha Xabungle and teams up with a group of bandits, the Sandrats. As his quest continues, Jiron’s actions sow the seeds of rebellion against the Innocent.

Number of Episodes: 50

Release Year: 1982

3. Macross Frontier Short Movie: Toki no Meikyuu

Description: A short movie, screened with Macross Delta Movie 2: Zettai Live!!!!!!

Number of Episodes: 1

Release Year: 2021

2. Gasaraki

Description: Two major world powers have constructed the most dangerous weapon on earth: Tactical Armor (TA), an elite fighting mecha with extreme agility and fighting strength. Yushiro Gowa is the top TA pilot and captain of the Japanese Self-Defense Force, an orginization that uses the TAs to try and bring honor back to Japan. Yushiro must make a hard decision and face the truth about his past and the secrets of the Gowa family, who will use their adapted spiritual powers to summon Gasaraki and unleash terror on all of mankind.

Number of Episodes: 25

Release Year: 1998

1. Armored Trooper Votoms: Red Shoulder Document – Roots of Treachery

Description: After armored trooper pilot Chirico Cuvie is given orders to transfer to Planet Odon, he and all of the other new recruits are sent into a simulated battle to test their abilities. However, this ‘simulated battle’ turns out to be a serious fight to eliminate those without the necessary skills. Chirico survives along with just three others, despite the fact that he fought while injured. It soon becomes apparent that this is not the first time he has survived against incredible odds, a fact that Colonel Peruzen wishes to exploit. But is Chirico truly immortal?

Number of Episodes: 1

Release Year: 1988

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