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Short introduction to Sailor Moon:

Life can be tough when you’re a teenager. Enter Tsukino Usagi, an average, if somewhat clumsy, junior high student whose voracious appetite for sweets and capacity for tears are offset by her enthusiasm for life. Her normal existence is suddenly turned upside down when a talking cat named Luna comes into her life. Suddenly, Usagi finds herself with the ability to transform into the superhero known as Sailor Moon. Fighting the occasional monster may be the least of her worries, though…

10. Cardcaptor Sakura

Description: Sakura Kinomoto never imagined that by opening a book in her father’s library, she’d be responsible for releasing wild magic into the world, yet that’s exactly what she did. Too powerful to be let loose on the world, the magical Clow cards were sealed away long ago by their creator, Clow Reed. But all is not lost, for the guardian beast, Keroberos, was sealed along with the cards! Can Sakura, with the help of Keroberos, retrieve the cards before they wreak havoc on the town?

Number of Episodes: 70

Release Year: 1998

If you did like Sailor Moon then you should like Card Captor Sakura. both series is about a girl that lives her ordinary life, when suddenly it seem that she is not that ordinary. they have a destiny to fullfill. they travel with friends that they meet along the way to gather different objects (cards in Card Captor Sakura and cristals in Sailor Moon) while fighting the evil.

9. Tokyo Mew Mew

Description: Momomiya Ichigo was a normal girl, worried mostly about her crush, Aoyama Masaya. However, just as she was finally able to date him, she was struck by a mysterious beam and everything changed. She is now part of the Mew Project, genetically fused with an endangered species of cat. With her new powers and companions, she must protect the earth from invading aliens.

Number of Episodes: 52

Release Year: 2002

Another magical girl 5-team, Sailor Moon follows the same sort of plot as Tokyo Mew Mew, but with a less eco-conscious theme. Often thought of as the ‘original’ magical girl team, Sailor Moon was very popular and often mimicked.

8. Wedding Peach

Description: Hanasaki Momoko is a seemingly normal school girl; she enjoys taking photographs, trying on wedding dresses, and having fun with her friends Yuri and Hinagiku (despite the fact that all three have a crush on the same boy!) But one day, Momoko and her friends are attacked by a mysterious man called Pluie who attempts to steal Momoko’s ring, a gift from her mother. Another strange man named Limone intervenes, giving Momoko a magical item known as the ‘Saint Miroir’. Using this, Momoko is granted the power to transform into the angel of love – Wedding Peach! With Pluie and his minions attempting to destroy all the love in the world, Momoko frequently has to call upon her powers to save the day. Suddenly, her life isn’t so normal anymore!

Number of Episodes: 51

Release Year: 1995

Both Sailor Moon and Wedding Peach have a group of school girls fighting evil. Most of the time is spent fighting, but they also have some romance in the show to lighten the mood. Everyone I know who likes one likes the other as well.

7. Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch

Description: One clear festive evening, Lucia, a mermaid princess, rescues a young boy from drowning. With him, she leaves the source of her beautiful singing voice: a pink pearl necklace. Several years later, Lucia has grown into a young woman, and embarks on a quest to the human world to reclaim her pearl and find her lost love.

Number of Episodes: 52

Release Year: 2003

If you liked Sailor Moon, try Mermaid Melody. This time, instead of saving the world, Mermaid Melody is about a mermaid princess trying to save the underwater world. It is similar in plot, where the good guy has to defeat the bad guy, but this time, it is with singing. The wonderful companions in Mermaid Melody are similar to Sailor Moon, and the romance between the main character and her loved one in Mermaid Melody is the same as in Sailor Moon.

6. Shugo Chara!

Description: Hinamori Amu is a stylish punk rock girl who is liked and feared by her peers, but there’s just one problem: she’s actually a shy and quiet girl who can’t seem to drop her self-fabricated facade! But when Amu finds three eggs in her bed, she had no idea her life would change forever. Out of the eggs pop Ran, Miki and Su, Amu’s Guardian Charas; these being represent parts of Amu that she wishes she could be, even allowing Amu to transform into those parts at will! Now, with pressure from the other Guardians (including her crush, Hotori) to join their midst, dark sides of the psyche known as X Eggs to seal, and nefarious forces after a wish-granting egg known as the embryo, Amu’s life has officially become more complicated!

Number of Episodes: 51

Release Year: 2007

Both are about love, the discovery of true potential, the protection of loved ones and their dreams. Never forget justice and the fight against evil. If you loved Sailor Moon, You are sure to like Shugo Chara!

5. Magic Knight Rayearth

Description: MKR is a Clamp anime about three girls who are taken from Tokyo during a school field trip, and transported into a fantasy world. Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuzaaki, and Fuu Hououji must fight a slew of enemies, overcome trials and tribulations, and face their inner demons to save Cephiro, a wonderfully detailed world, from a dastardly evil and powerful Priest, Zagato.

Number of Episodes: 49

Release Year: 1994

Fighting girls with magical powers! That describes it all. But to make it a good recommendation I guess you wanna know more Magic Knight Rayearth is really close to Sailor moon though I think Magic Knight Rayearth contains much more magic than Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon is not as serious as Magic Knight Rayearth. Magic Knight Rayearth got alot more fighting and not this boring “Crystal Moon Power” sreaming every second. I think you really should check it out if you liked Sailor Moon.

4. My-Hime

Description: Guided by a star only they can see, a group of maidens known as HiMEs have begun to gather at Fuuka Academy. These young women have been endowed with dangerous supernatural powers that they can use to their heart’s content, but there’s a price: to wield them, they must put their most important thing on the line. Now, in the midst of school work and friendships, they find themselves caught in the midst of strange conspiracies seemingly related to the terrifying monsters that attack them. Is the power of the HiMEs strong enough to save themselves and the ones they love?

Number of Episodes: 26

Release Year: 2004

So you like young girls with magical powers? And you like a back love story and mysterious plot? Then both these series are for you. Since they are very similar in category and theme, be sure that if you watch one, you try the other!

3. Pretear

Description: Awayuki Himeno is a normal schoolgirl who is in a bind: her father’s remarriage yielded two new cruel stepsisters, and to top it off, she meets seven men who call themselves Liefe Knights. They reveal to her that she’s a Pretear, someone who can lend powers to them when their powers aren’t enough to defeat the evil creatures called mayouchuu. Now, she has to fight the ambitious Fenrir, whose only purpose is to leech the life force from all living beings. Can Himeno save the world and find a way to deal with her growing feelings for one of the Liefe Knights?

Number of Episodes: 13

Release Year: 2001

in both anime, this people in their magical land are in need of a a girl or three to save their land. and these people are really similar in both anime. soon, they care about each other.

2. Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play

Description: While reading “The Universe of the Four Gods”, best friends Miaka and Yui are mysteriously transported into a strange world full of magic and unfamiliar faces. As if their arrival was determined by fate, Miaka is revered as the Priestess of Suzaku, the savior of their warring country, who was destined to arrived in a flash of light, from a land far away. Betrayal, love, and heartache accompany this fantasy-filled tale of friendships torn apart, and hope that never fades.

Number of Episodes: 52

Release Year: 1995

Both of these classic and well-known series feature schoolgirls going to an alternate fantasy world. Fushigi Yuugi takes place in a land based on Chinese mythology, while Rayearth is more of a generic fantasy world tha could be borrowed from any video RPG. While both series are generally action-packed, lighthearted, and feature cute and spunky protagonists, they are also relatively serious for the genre (i.e. be prepared for things like character deaths). Fushigi Yuugi has more romance and soft moments and features harems of bishounen (pretty-boy) characters to appeal to female fans, whereas Rayearth has more fighting action and strong schoolgirl protagonists who don’t need any boys to do their fighting for them.

1. Puni Puni Poemy

Description: Puni Puni Poemi is a spin-off of Excel Saga, the classic lampoon of all that is anime. It takes the daughter of two Excel Saga characters and puts her through parodies of shoujo, shounen, ecchi, hentai, and everything in-between. This eccentric show is the “Scary Movie” of anime: younger viewers need not apply.

Number of Episodes: 2

Release Year: 2001

This is in large part a spoof of Sailor Moon, though somewhat more adult. It has a somewhat wierd style of humor that you’ll either love, or hate, but if you liked the Sailor Moon, you’ll likely enjoy this spoof.

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