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Short introduction to Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp (Novel):

Dr. Song, the youngest professor at the leading College of Medicine in Korea, was a royal brat of a princess in her previous life. But just as she’s about to meet an untimely death over the ocean, she wakes up as Princess Elise once again?! Enlightened with the medical knowledge of a master surgeon, is this her chance to mend her past relationships and heal an ailing empire, or is fate sealed to repeat itself?

10. Who Made Me a Princess (Novel)

Description: The beautiful Athanasia was killed at the hands of her own biological father, Claude de Alger Obelia, the cold-blooded emperor! It’s just a silly bedtime story… until one woman wakes up to suddenly find she’s become that unfortunate princess! She needs a plan to survive her doomed fate, and time is running out. Will she go with Plan A, live as quietly as possible without being noticed by the infamous emperor? Plan B, collect enough money to escape the palace? Or will she be stuck with plan C, sweet-talking her way into her father’s good graces?!

Number of Releases: Vol: 6; Ch: 219

Release Year: 2017

9. I Raised My Childhood Friend as a Tyrant (Novel)

Description: I was described as the short-lived childhood friend who turned the male lead into a tyrant in the novel. I died on his behalf, as the novel said. I thought I could now return to my original world. …But why am I back to the age of ten? Is there something wrong with the original story? I can’t help it! I thought I would succeed this time and go back to reality… This tyrant dream is too realistic to be true! “I don’t care about the throne.” “What?” What is it? Did I say this before my regression? “What are you talking about? Becoming emperor…” You should meet the heroine and the original story should go on. That way I can go back! “Viche.” Jade was calling me somewhere with a low voice. “I can’t let you go… for whatever reason.” There was a soft smile behind Jade’s bleak eyes. …I think he knows something.

Number of Releases: Vol: 3; Ch: 101

Release Year: 2020

8. The Taming of the Tyrant (Novel)

Description: God gave me one more chance and finally came back after four hundred years. As soon as I realized I returned, I decided that ‘no one should have pride.’ My goal was to destroy the country. So, I grew up with a genius prince who lived in hiding before returning. He took up the empire for me and I left him for him to achieve his goal.

Number of Releases: Ch: 139

Release Year: 2019

7. The Princess Pretends to Be Crazy (Novel)

Description: “On the Moonlight Garden!” “White evening primroses are in full bloom!” It was a strange succession ceremony in which the strongest member of the royal family succeeds the throne. After being poisoned, she returned five years into the past, and played the part of a crazy bitch in order to survive. Seriously, was surviving by simply looking like the weakest not enough? The crazy princess, with no power or backing, was about to die, but a suspicious wizard suddenly appeared before her. “What should I do to get your kiss?” “A deal. If you help me, I’ll kiss you.” “Good. I have no intention of letting you die in the hands of anyone besides me.” I feel like I entered the tiger’s den while trying to escape the wolves…

Number of Releases: Vol: 6; Ch: 173

Release Year: 2019

6. I Tamed My Ex-Husband’s Mad Dog (Novel)

Description: ‘Father, please give me a chance to cut him off.’ Right before she died, Reinhardt repeated the same words as she had wished. When she came to her senses, she was back at her father’s funeral 15 years ago. It was the time when she was divorced by Prince Michelle, the reason why his father lost his life. As revenge, Reinhardt stabbed the Crown Prince’s leg. And as a consequence, she was exiled. While she was on her rough journey, she encountered someone unexpected. “……Are you really Bill Corona?” She picked up the poor, dirty child. In her previous life, he was the crown prince’s dog. He was a war hero for her ex-husband. A great opportunity rolled into Reinhardt’s heart who was thirsty for revenge. She gives the child a new name and decides to use him for her revenge…

Number of Releases: Ch: 171+

Release Year: 2021

5. The Villainess Needs A Tyrant (Novel)

Description: Just now, I stole the lips of a man who is notorious as a tyrant. In front of my younger cousin, Arinel, who stole everything I had in my previous life. “Why did you kiss me?” “Because my younger cousin loves you, Your Majesty.” “Is that so?” His arms wrapped around my waist. The distance that was formed vanished in an instance. The cold-blooded, powerful man’s smile filled my view. “Open your lips. If you are going to do it, then do it properly.”

Number of Releases: Ch: 124

Release Year: 2019

4. Baby Hostage’s So Cute (Novel)

Description: She has returned to the starting point of all her misfortune. ‘I thought that I would return to my childhood and repeat the same life without any difference…But yes! Now I am given the chance to be taken as a hostage instead of the princess!’ After the war, Elaine has been taken as a hostage by the King instead of the princess. However, everyone’s behavior towards Elaine is different. “Call me Daddy.” Starting with the Emperor who told her to call him Dad. “Here, Eat this”. “Hurry, eat everything here.” And the Queen who is impatient to feed…And, “I’m going to kill every single one of you.” “I’m going to turn you all into a handful of ash.” “I didn’t hurt you physically, I just ruined your reputation in society.” Even the strange older brother threatened them, one by one, who dared to come near me. Is this all really okay…?

Number of Releases: Ch: 334+

Release Year: 2020

3. I Once Broke An Oath (Novel)

Description: Ezette, the eighth prince of the Empire who was thought to have died, returned alive. His return which intertwined with the Crown Prince’s suicide left the Empire in turmoil. Meanwhile, Diarin, a doll-like and immature woman with unwitting love who is known as a beautiful marionette, moves as the Duke instructed. She heads to Ezette at the Duke’s order, which is to carry on their engagement. The following words she said were different from what she thought she’d say. “I’ll break our engagement.”

Number of Releases: Ch: 205

Release Year: 2020

2. If You Touch My Brother, You’re All Dead (Novel)

Description: I became sixteen year old Rosalette. She fell out of bed and when she opened her eyes, she had possessed a character in “Asterion of a Blue Starry Night” a cliche BL novel with passion, fantasy, drama, and angst. Plus, she was Rosalette, the older sister of Asteron. Asteron was the protagonist and the one who committed suicide at the end of the novel. She left herself to go through the flow of events in the story. At the end of that, she went back in time to become sixteen year old Rosalette again. She thought that standing by was what she did wrong, so she raised her younger sibling finely, but she died from an outside force and returned as Rosalette once more. She changed her direction…

Number of Releases: Ch: 262

Release Year: 2019

1. Iris: The Lady and Her Smartphone (Novel)

Description: The husband was in love with his cousin and the family was taken away by cigar. The moment I fell into despair and was about to end my life; the memory of my past life came to my mind. The life of a white-haired worker in Seoul, returning to the past, she decided. “I will not be abandoned by them again. Now I will forsake them!” Ian gazed into Iris’ eyes, “Do you remember what I said the other day? Are you asking for a different fee?” “Yes. I want to get it now.” Iris, was a woman who had nothing. “I did not have a strong parent like other noble princesses, nor did I have much money.”

Number of Releases: Vol: 6; Ch: 271

Release Year: 2017

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