Hey, guys welcome back to Kaizetsu.com. Today we are going to provide you the list of Manga/Manhwa/Manhua which are very similar to manga named Drama Queens

Short introduction to Drama Queens:

Jin-woo started joining the Drama and Cinema club in the campus. For some reason, every hot chick in the club get a crush on Jin-woo and now they all try to seduce him! Will he able to find his true love there?!

10. Welcome to Kama Sutra

Description: The college club, K.T.C. Only the real pervs are here to explore the mystics of Karma Sutra. Since the club only has three members, they are recruting for the real pervs on campus!

Number of Releases: Ch: 25

Release Year: 2016

9. Who Cares If I’m a Loser!

Description: Kihyeon’s dream is to leave his hometown and start a new life in college. Will he be able to turn his life around?

Number of Releases: Ch: 40

Release Year: 2021

8. Sweet but Psycho

Description: Things seem to be going well between Yoomin and his longtime crush, Seula, the hottest girl in school. But she’s only playing nice and actually has a twisted agenda in mind. As if that’s not complicated enough, a blast from Yoomin’s past is trying to get in his pants by using any means necessary (including jumping out of a motel window to chase him down the street). Don’t let pretty looks fool you—these ladies are sweet but psycho.

Number of Releases: Ch: 104

Release Year: 2017

7. Love Is On The Air

Description: “Please, don’t tell anyone about this, and I’ll do anything you say…” After joining the campus broadcasting club, he learns the secret of the girl that he has a crush on!

Number of Releases: Ch: 28

Release Year: 2021

6. Secret Hole

Description: No synopsis yet – check back soon!

Number of Releases: Ch: 50

Release Year: 2017

5. How to Train Her

Description: They dreamed of having a great time just the two of them but there was a guy who manages the pension.

Number of Releases: Ch: 50

Release Year: 2018

4. Sneak Peek

Description: Ami has a special ability: she can see the dirty fantasies of virginal men. The ability is more of a curse than a blessing, and she’s never once reaped any benefits from being able to peek into other men’s obscene thoughts. But things take a turn when she finds herself having her own x-rated fantasies…

Number of Releases: Ch: 32

Release Year: 2018

3. Yuri’s Part Time Job

Description: Yuri is the perfect college student, so no one suspects she’s living a double life at night. Until Professor Baek finds out about her secret part-time job…

Number of Releases: Ch: 65

Release Year: 2018

2. Campus, Today

Description: “I don’t think I can handle yours…” Woo-jin goes viral after someone uploads a photo of his thing between his legs on social media, becomes famous overnight. Hot girls on campus are now dying to hookup with him.

Number of Releases: Ch: 62+

Release Year: 2021

1. His Place

Description: Kang finally loses his virginity to Hae-mi in college. He keeps asking her to go out with him, only to be turned down. However, when all hope seemed to be lost, she makes an offer that he is unable to refuse, saying that she’ll teach him everything she knows!

Number of Releases: Ch: 171+

Release Year: 2018

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