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Short introduction to Forest of Piano:

This is a story about a piano, pitifully abandoned in the woods, and a young boy, Kai, who grew up playing it as his favorite toy. While Kai cannot even read sheet music, one day, he meets Shuhei Amamiya, an aspiring child pianist who transfers schools from Tokyo, and their music teacher, Sosuke Ajino. Ajino was also once a gifted pianist, until a tragic accident stole his promising future from him forever. Each from a different background, the trio’s personalities gravitate to one another and rebound. All the while, the piano sits patiently, awaiting a hand to play it.

10. Nodame Cantabile

Description: In the world of classical music, Chiaki Shinichi is a stellar talent in the making; yet with everything going for him, he is nevertheless tied down by his own phobias. Unable to leave Japan because of his fears of flying and sailing, he finds himself in the company of another naturally-talented person, the very weird girl Noda “Nodame” Megumi. Together, the two find themselves in a slowly more intimate relationship, as they struggle to develop their talents and overcome their shortcomings.

Number of Releases: Vol: 25; Ch: 146

Release Year: 2001

9. Your Lie in April

Description: Kosei Arima was a piano prodigy until his cruel taskmaster of a mother died suddenly, changing his life forever. Driven by his pain to abandon piano, Kosei now lives in a monotonous, colorless world. Having resigned himself to a bland life, he is surprised when he meets Kaori Miyazono, a violinist with an unorthodox style. Can she bring Kosei back to music, and back to life?

Number of Releases: Vol: 11; Ch: 44

Release Year: 2011

8. Ao no Orchestra

Description: Aono Hajime was a prodigy violinist until he grew jaded with playing the violin due to personal reasons. Now in his third year of middle school, he struggles to decide his academic path. One day in school, he meets Akine Ritsuko, a hotheaded novice violinist who wants to enroll in a high school with a distinguished orchestra club. When he finds himself getting closer to Ritsuko and being brought back to the world of violinists, time starts moving again for him.

Number of Releases: Vol: 9+; Ch: 65+

Release Year: 2017

7. Shonen Note: Boy Soprano

Description: Yutaka Aoi has a talent few boys have: He can sing soprano. But when Yukata’s voice begins to change as he enters puberty, the journey ahead will be one of self-discovery and reflection for not only himself, but also for those around him.

Number of Releases: Vol: 8; Ch: 38

Release Year: 2010

6. Shindo

Description: Boy meets Girl!! Kazuo, a ronin aiming to get into a distinguished college of music, meets a girl who loves baseball. Her name is Uta Naruse, the piano prodigy who can play Debussy as if it were nothing! Manga may be a soundless way of storytelling, but your heart will be filled with beautiful music!!

Number of Releases: Vol: 4; Ch: 46

Release Year: 1997

5. Maestro

Description: Kousaka is a violinist who is looking for a new orchestra to perform with as he’s tired of his current one. He, along with others, answer an ad for a new orchestra only to find an abandoned warehouse and a crazy old man constructing the rehearsal space. And no conductor. Kousaka takes over as first violin when the old man interrupts and criticizes him. Turns out that the old man IS the conductor and musical director, and he’s put together this orchestra with lofty goals in mind, and has told them he’s going to shape them up in only a month…

Number of Releases: Vol: 3; Ch: 22

Release Year: 2003

4. Niji no Prelude

Description: No synopsis yet – check back soon!

Number of Releases: Vol: 1; Ch: 5

Release Year: 1957


Description: Kuon Otogami was a genius pianist whose name is among the greatest in the annals of the music world. He had seven children who also all became genius pianists. All seven except for the one named Lucky that is. This is the miraculous story of a regular kid taking on godly talent!

Number of Releases: Vol: 2+; Ch: 28+

Release Year: 2021

2. Diva

Description: Lima was born in the family of musicians; her mother a worldwide opera diva and her father a famous violinist. Lima’s dream of becoming a professional violinist, like her father before his death, was shattered after the car accident. But faith brought her to the world of opera… and to eventually become a famous diva, and face up to her mother, whom has never shown her love towards her daughter…

Number of Releases: Vol: 6

Release Year: 1989

1. Yongen no Elegy

Description: No synopsis yet – check back soon!

Number of Releases: Vol: 5; Ch: 24

Release Year: 2014

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