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Short introduction to Gokusen:

Yamaguchi Kumiko is next in line to be the boss of the Kuroda Ikka yakuza clan due to her parents’ death. However, fresh out of college, Kumiko decides to pursue her lifelong dream of being a teacher. Now hired as a mathematics teacher at an all-boys school, Kumiko must hide her true identity. She’s assigned to class 3D, inhabited by the worst of the worst delinquents. Popularly called “Yankumi” by her students, she tries her best to gain the respect of and offer help to these students who’d like nothing more to make her life a living hell.

10. GTO

Description: With a history of leading a motorcycle gang and getting bad grades in school, why would 22 year old Onizuka ever want to become a teacher? Is it to educate young minds or spread the joy of education? Sure, if it involves being able to look up high school girls’ skirts! Watch as this would-be educator uses his own life lessons and unconstituted methods as a means to control a delinquent class of students — students who certainly aren’t as happy to have him as a teacher as he is happy to be teaching…

Number of Releases: Vol: 25; Ch: 200

Release Year: 1996

9. Rookies

Description: Koichi Kawato is the new Japanese teacher at the ill-famed Futakotamagawa high school, whose baseball club is composed of thugs and bullies who have been suspended for a year from all school competitions, for causing a brawl during an official match. The newly appointed teacher finds that the club members left are only interested in women, smoking and doing nothing until, under Kawato’s guidance, they discover a new dream called the Koshien. However, the road to the Koshien is far from easy as many obstacles await them.

Number of Releases: Vol: 24; Ch: 233

Release Year: 1998

8. Wild Ones

Description: Sachie Wakamura’s mother has just passed away, making her an orphan. Suddenly, a man claiming to be her grandfather appears asking Sachie to live with him. Things aren’t as simple as they seem to be when she realizes her grandfather is the boss of a yakuza gang and she is to live with him and the rest of his men. To make matters worse she is assigned a bodyguard named Rakuto, who is the handsome, popular student council president at her new school. Sachie must now try to fit in with her new family and deal with her developing feelings for Rakuto, who appears to only see her as the granddaughter of his boss. Are Sachie and Rakuto destined to continue in this master-servant relationship forever or will her feelings finally be reciprocated?

Number of Releases: Vol: 10; Ch: 56

Release Year: 2005

7. Flunk Punk Rumble

Description: Daichi Shinigawa is a typical delinquent who wants nothing to do with high school. However, bespectacled Hana Adachi, the class representative, will do anything in her power to make sure Daichi participates in whatever events the school has to offer. If she has to surprise him in the boy’s bathroom to get him to go on the school field trip, so be it! Daichi is confused as to why a class rep would care so much about a troublemaker like him; what could be the reason behind her actions?

Number of Releases: Vol: 23; Ch: 211

Release Year: 2006

6. Change 2!!

Description: Kisaragi Maki is the heiress of a yakuza group. She only dreams about being a normal high school student, and becoming an ordinary bride. However, when she sees blood, she changes completely and becomes violent. Will she be able to keep living an ordinary life?

Number of Releases: Vol: 1; Ch: 4

Release Year: 2004

5. Unbalance x 2

Description: Jin-Ho isn’t your average high school student. He has a notoriously stubborn sense of right and wrong, and no interest whatsoever in any of the girls at his school. Enter Ms Hae-Young, Jin-Ho’s new homeroom teacher. Armed to the teeth with her own stubborn sense of justice, she’s determined to set Jin-Ho straight and turn him into a model student. But of course, things aren’t so easy when people think you should be a model rather that a teacher. You’re emotionally and mentally stressed due to a runaway father, and the person you’re trying to help wants to clash with you every step of the way! Enter the world of Unbalance Unbalance and see how two hard-headed, yet delicate people start a relationship that may either explode or fit just right!

Number of Releases: Vol: 10; Ch: 82

Release Year: 2005

4. The Wallflower

Description: Four gorgeous guys, one fabulous mansion and one challenge – turn the landlady’s niece into a perfect lady and live rent free; fail and their rent will triple! Surely this task will be no problem for Ranmaru Mori, Kyouhei Takano, Takenaga Oda and Yuki Tohyama, who are lauded as the princes of their high school and have girls dropping at their feet daily… right? The boys’ dream of rent-free living comes crashing down when they meet Sunako Nakahara, the girl they must transform. Sunako has devoted her life to solitude, preferring the company of anatomy mannequins, horror movies and the darkened seclusion of her bedroom to the presence of the ‘dazzling creatures’ that cause her to have violent nosebleeds. Flushing her out into the light might prove to be more than the boys can handle!

Number of Releases: Vol: 36; Ch: 148

Release Year: 2000

3. Enchanter

Description: Haruhiko is 100% head-over-sneakers for his sweet, shy science teacher Yuka. After all, she’s a total brainiac…and incredibly hot! But what’s he supposed to do when an enchanted vixen named Eukanaria suddenly falls into his lap (in a tiny miniskirt) and demands Haruhiko’s help? Demonic battles, powerful sorcery, and a busy bee who can’t mind her own business…what will happen when magic and mayhem mix?

Number of Releases: Vol: 19; Ch: 73

Release Year: 2003

2. Natsuzora and Run

Description: Second baseman Kaizu Chiaki is a normal senior high schooler who aims to reach the Koshien with his teammates and worries about his future career. One day, a new teacher arrives at his school. Her name is Takamine Touko. Crossing the boundaries between teacher and student, Chiaki and Touko find themselves gradually attracted to each other.

Number of Releases: Vol: 5; Ch: 25

Release Year: 2012

1. B.Reaction!

Description: Onodera Kensaku, a self taught martial artist, undefeated street fighter gets his ass whipped by a girl. Not by just any girl, but his home room teacher Asato Nanae and her High Left Kick.

Number of Releases: Vol: 2; Ch: 18

Release Year: 2003

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