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Short introduction to Goodnight Punpun:

Punpun is a relatively normal elementary school student; he goes to lessons, does his homework and gets on well with his classmates. Unfortunately, it’s everyone else around him that’s bonkers! With a crowd of crazy teachers playing hide and seek or having extreme reactions to even the tiniest situation at school, his father kept at bay on domestic violence charges, and only his unemployed layabout uncle to look up to Punpun’s life is anything but simple. However, despite the mayhem surrounding him, Punpun still continues to quietly live on, contemplating his dreams, experiencing the joy and terror of falling in love, and trying to deal with his anxieties about sex, religion, and growing up.

10. Annarasumanara

Description: Yun Ai wanted to be a magician when she was little. But now in reality, she is a high school student who cannot even afford new stockings. Since the day she met a real magician at a fair, she desperately wants to follow her dream.

Number of Releases: Vol: 3; Ch: 27

Release Year: 2010

9. 20th Century Boys

Description: The world is never quite the same once we grow up. Villains and robots that once ran rampant in our imaginations are reduced to drawings in Manga, and our lives are distilled until there is little left but the daily grind; so it has been for Kenji. After a childhood of dreams he now runs his late father’s liquor store and is raising his sister’s child. The memories and friends from his early years bring him some happiness, but they become tainted as a string of murders find connections to his past. Kenji and his friends must now fight to save the future from their past and unravel the mystery of “Friend.”

Number of Releases: Vol: 22; Ch: 249

Release Year: 1999

8. Homunculus

Description: Susamu Nakoshi, a man disillusioned with life, meets Manabu Ito, a young medical student bored with life. To relieve his boredom Ito offers Nakoshi 700,000 yen to undergo a trepanning to see if it will unlock his sixth sense, and Nakoshi eventually agrees. However, much to his dismay and chagrin it actually succeeds, and now Nakoshi must contend with seeing homunculi, the metaphysical and symbolic representations of a person’s psychological disorder. He now helps people, usually against his own will and often theirs as well, with resolving their psychological problems.

Number of Releases: Vol: 15; Ch: 166

Release Year: 2003

7. The Legend of the Strongest, Kurosawa!

Description: Kurosawa is sick and tired of his boring, ordinary life growing old as the less popular site foreman in Anahira Construction. The turning point comes when his 44th birthday comes along, and no one remembers or celebrates with him. Realizing he lived a life without drive or purpose, Kurosawa tries to go past his comfort zone to turn his life around. Will his newfound shenanigans help him or hurt him when he gets caught up in fights with delinquents?

Number of Releases: Vol: 11; Ch: 90

Release Year: 2003

6. Wandering Son

Description: Shuichi Nitori is an elementary school boy with a secret: he wishes he were a girl and likes wearing their clothes. With the right outfit and his cute, effeminate looks, he is often able to convince people that he is someone else – or even something else. Unfortunately, although his best friend and object of affection, Takatsuki, accepts him as he is, she does not return Shuichi’s feelings. Moreover, school is an unforgiving place and Shuichi walks a fine line between liberating his true self and being labeled a freak by all his peers…

Number of Releases: Vol: 15; Ch: 123

Release Year: 2002

5. Baka and Gogh

Description: Sakai and Shoji are two idiots. Their band, Moozmuz, is eccentric, flamboyant and silly. Gogh, their classmate, is a quiet but intense clothes designer. Watch the friendship between these three artists blossom and suffer.

Number of Releases: Vol: 2; Ch: 12

Release Year: 2000

4. Ciguatera

Description: Yusuke Ogino is an average looking, bullied, 17 year old. His modest dream is to get a motorcycle license and get closer to the beautiful Yumi. But to his surprise, Yumi has approached him! This…might be a trap!? And a psychopatholoogical stalker menances their pursuit of happniess…

Number of Releases: Vol: 6; Ch: 69

Release Year: 2003

3. Bokura no Hentai

Description: Three boys in junior-high who cross-dress because of differing reasons meet each other through a cross-dressing community website, and decide to meet up in real life. “Parou” started cross-dressing because he wanted to attract a heterosexual boy he liked. “Marika” is transgender and identifies as female. Lastly, “Yui” is an antagonistic boy who adopted the persona of his older sister after her death. In contrast to Parou and Marika, Yui is sorely disappointed at the meeting.

Number of Releases: Vol: 10; Ch: 41

Release Year: 2012

2. Mars

Description: Kiro Aso is an astounding artist who spends her days cooped at home or in art club room, avoiding all contact with others – especially boys. Rei Kashino is a popular motorcycle enthusiast who seems to have it all: looks, personality, and an endless supply of hot babes throwing themselves at him. When the two cross paths one day by chance, no one could have suspected how close these polar opposites would grow to be, or just how many obstacles their love would have to overcome…

Number of Releases: Vol: 15; Ch: 90

Release Year: 1996

1. not simple

Description: Ian is a young man from Australia who has never had an easy life; his mother is an alcoholic who can’t stand the sight of him and his father doesn’t give him the time of day. The only person to care about him is his older sister Kylie, but the pair has been separated with only the promise that when Ian fulfils his goal, they will be reunited. One day he meets a writer named Jim who takes an interest in Ian’s troubled life and decides to write a novel about him. With a life that’s far from simple, will his story have a happy ending?

Number of Releases: Vol: 1; Ch: 14

Release Year: 2004

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