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Short introduction to Gourmet Hound:

Lucy, a woman with an uncanny sense of taste and smell, discovers that her favorite restaurant has changed kitchen staff–and she does not know the identity of the chef whose cooking she’s loved for years. When a lucky accident leads her to two former chefs at Dimanche, she decides that she will do her utmost to track down each of their old colleagues in order to rediscover that “perfect taste”.

10. Honey Sweet Kitchen

Description: Introducing Minato, who just after entering university dropped out and became the board chairman of the cooking school her recently deceased grandmother left behind. The head of confectionary – Nakamura, explains to Minato the school’s current position. Heeding the advice of her childhood friend and current Chinese cuisine chef Ichika-kun, Minato inquires the popular Japanese cuisine chef, the handsome Akiyama, and the Italian cuisine chef – Maeda, to become lecturers at the school. The kind and gentlemanly Akiyama, the unfriendly and strict Maeda, the splendid, despite his cute exterior, Ichika, the cool and mysterious Nakamura….Together with the four handsome chefs, Minato is opening the cooking school. What will happen from here on…!?

Number of Releases: Vol: 4; Ch: 24

Release Year: 2011

9. Sound of Bread

Description: Kimmie, a synesthete who can hear tastes as music, is an acclaimed young cellist determined to become a renowned conductor. Kale is an unkempt, rude apprentice at a no-name bakery in Paris who says and does whatever he wants. She can’t stand him, but there’s one thing that keeps her coming back: the bread he bakes has the most beautiful music she’s ever heard. Can this unlikely friendship help Kimmie overcome her perfectionism and lead to… something more?

Number of Releases: Ch: 50+

Release Year: 2021

8. Death: Rescheduled

Description: Born into a world where everyone gets one murder a year, Kreyul learns at a younger age than most just how brutal this custom is. After the loss of his best friend, Kreyul swears to end this horrific practice forever. However, there are many who support the one-kill rule for their own reasons, so his journey to change the hearts and minds of the five districts won’t be an easy one.

Number of Releases: Ch: 20+

Release Year: 2021

7. Asterion

Description: When Asterion wished upon a star for a better life, they never imagined an agent of the stars would actually come and grant it! Now they are the newest member of the Starlight Assembly, tasked with granting wishes made on the stars that light up the night sky. But even with their seemingly unlimited abilities, not every wish will come true…

Number of Releases: Ch: 61+

Release Year: 2021

6. Midnight Rain (Pani)

Description: Noemi’s parents are working for one of the richest families in the country and moved to live on their estate. There she meets Blade, the hot-headed prince, and Soren, the illegitimate son.

Number of Releases: Ch: 94+

Release Year: 2019

5. Cat Loaf Adventures

Description: Follow the adventures of Cat Loaf and other pastry treats!

Number of Releases: Ch: 213

Release Year: 2018

4. Long Long Ago

Description: Long, long ago… back when the world was filled with wonders, when the first stories and myths were being told – the world was finding a way to teach us about the people, the forests, the mountains and nature – teach us the mysteries and beauty those hold. 

Number of Releases: Ch: 28

Release Year: 2018

3. The World I’m Longing For

Description: Nothing out of the ordinary was happening to David. Except for the nightmares that kept telling him to “come back.”One day, he wakes up and finds himself tied up with his mother lying in her own pool of blood. In front of him stands the transfer girl, telling him that they are both from another world. What is this world she’s talking about and how will they get there?

Number of Releases: Ch: 2

Release Year: 2016

2. Memoria

Description: At 28 years old, Katarina Ramsay is smart, beautiful, and a total workaholic who prides herself on her perfect memory and attention to detail. When her handsome boss gives her a huge project with a potential promotion attached, she jumps at the chance to prove herself. However, lately, she’s been acting strangely. Coming in late to work, forgetting her keys, and even forgetting w here the office is — what’s going on in her head? And while she keeps forgetting the short-term, why does the past, especially a certain someone, keep coming back to her?

Number of Releases: Ch: 33

Release Year: 2020

1. Demented: Beyond the Realms

Description: Lon is a young and exhausted part-time worker from Mid-Earth. After working for months without any days off, he’s finally able to catch a break… until he’s tasked with some urgent deliveries inside the Realms. Upon delivering his last package, Lon meets a mysterious recipient. Little does he know, his day was just about to start.

Number of Releases: Ch: 10+

Release Year: 2021

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