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Short introduction to Heaven Official’s Blessing (Novel):

Born the crown prince of a prosperous kingdom, Xie Lian was renowned for his beauty, strength, and purity. His years of dedicated study and noble deeds allowed him to ascend to godhood. But those who rise may also fall, and fall he does–cast from the heavens and banished to the world below. Eight hundred years after his mortal life, Xie Lian has ascended to godhood for the third time, angering most of the gods in the process. To repay his debts, he is sent to the Mortal Realm to hunt down violent ghosts and troublemaking spirits who prey on the living. Along his travels, he meets the fascinating and brilliant San Lang, a young man with whom he feels an instant connection. Yet San Lang is clearly more than he appears… What mysteries lie behind that carefree smile?

10. Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation: Mo Dao Zu Shi (Novel)

Description: Wei Wuxian was once one of the most powerful men of his generation, a talented and clever young cultivator who harnessed martial arts and spirituality into powerful abilities. But when the horrors of war led him to seek more power through demonic cultivation, the world’s respect for his abilities turned to fear, and his death was celebrated throughout the land. Years later, he awakens in the body of an aggrieved young man who sacrifices his soul so that Wei Wuxian can exact revenge on his behalf. Though granted a second life, Wei Wuxian is not free from his first, nor the mysteries that appear before him now. Yet this time, he’ll face it all with the righteous and esteemed Lan Wangji at his side, another powerful cultivator whose unwavering dedication and shared memories of their past will help shine a light on the dark truths that surround them.

Number of Releases: Vol: 4; Ch: 113

Release Year: 2015

9. Golden Stage (Novel)

Description: The notorious imperial court lackey and the meritorious military general were well-known for their mutual dislike, a pair of arch-enemies set in stone. Who could have foreseen the unexpected change in the winds of heaven: the general injured on the battlefield, both legs disabled, and even forced by the emperor to marry his nemesis.  With one marriage edict, two people with mutual hostility are forced to marry and live under the same roof. Yet after these long days together, they come to the realization that this fellow is not truly devoid of any saving grace nor unattainable and high out of reach.

Number of Releases: Ch: 79

Release Year: 2018

8. Thousand Autumns (Novel)

Description: Yan Wushi had walked a path full of blood and corpses. He did not believe in the good nature of humanity. Even more so, he did not believe that there could be someone with great kindness and sense of justice, who would be so considerate of others without asking anything in return. One day, Shen Qiao, who was the sect leader of Mount Xuandu, the number one Daoist sect under the heavens, was challenged to a duel but somehow fell off the cliff. Yan Wushi happened to pass by down there. Seeing Shen Qiao who was seriously injured to the point of dying, he suddenly came up with a perfect idea… After thousands of autumns, who could stay eternal?

Number of Releases: Vol: 2; Ch: 128

Release Year: 2015

7. A Single Strike Of Shimmering Frost (Novel)

Description: Sect Master Yun Yifeng is a sickly young man who deals in information, and royal prince Ji Yanran is in need of his services. To gain his assistance in investigating the theft of a priceless relic, he deceives Yun Yifeng into believing he can give him the rare Blood Ganoderma needed to cure his illness – something he doesn’t have and has no idea how to obtain. Yun Yifeng agrees to aid him, and what follows is a whirlwind of mysterious murders, royal intrigue, cute ferrets, and other strange happenings that bring the two men closer together. But through it all, Yun Yifeng’s health steadily grows worse, and unless Ji Yanran can produce the Blood Ganoderma he promised, his lie may cost him the man he has come to value more than any treasure in his kingdom.

Number of Releases: Vol: 2; Ch: 159

Release Year: 2019

6. Adventures of God

Description: Creating the world was a big job, but God finds that actually running it is a lot more work. Dealing with heaven, earth, and everything in between can make it hard for him to kick back and have a drink. Fortunately, he has Jesus and his right-hand man Gabe to keep things going in heaven and deal with the fallout of their Lord’s many mishaps. Meanwhile, Lucifer and his assistant Ebag find that running hell is equally challenging. All the deceased sinners (and cats) of the world have been dumped in their laps, little girls keep summoning the devil to grant their wishes, and God keeps sending gay people to hell in a matchmaking attempt to find Lucifer the perfect man!

Number of Releases: Ch: 541+

Release Year: 2016

5. Love in Hell

Description: Rintaro Senkawa is a regular guy in his mid-20’s who got a little drunk one night and fell to his death. But that is just the beginning of Rintaro’s story, as he finds himself unexpectedly in Hell where he meets his guide, the painfully sexy devil Koyori. Can Rintaro take his situation seriously enough to repent for the sins of his former life or is he fated to be eternally tempted, teased, and tortured by scantily-clad devils with iron spiked clubs?

Number of Releases: Vol: 3; Ch: 18

Release Year: 2011

4. Lifetime Gifts (Novel)

Description: A demon was in trouble, so he decided to summon on a human helper. 

Number of Releases: Ch: 8

Release Year: 2016

3. Devilman vs Hades

Description: With the world destroyed after the summoning of Devilman, his human host Akira Fudo finds himself a tenant of Hell. Seeking the soul of his lost love Miki, Akira comes betweens a man’s search for vengeance and earns the ire of Hades. To save Miki and survive life after death, Akira will need to let his true demon out as Devilman faces off against the Devil himself!

Number of Releases: Vol: 3; Ch: 17

Release Year: 2012

2. Otaku and Mr.Taoist

Description: “Little Taoist.” “Call me Mr. Taoist.” A young Taoist who claims to be Mr. Taoist shows up at an ordinary man’s house. He is actually the God of Mountain, who cadging meals and drinks and making it as his own place. He keeps on pushing too far, but feels boring at the same time…While the ordinary man is a SOHO who’s engaged in drawing horny pictures, but something seems to be hidden in his body… 

Number of Releases: Ch: 65

Release Year: 2016

1. R.I.P. Requiem in Phonybrian

Description: Transylvania Rose is a bored angel who descends to Earth to clean a few souls. When she witnesses a depressed undertaker slitting his wrists, Rose rips off one of her wings and gives it to the undertaker, trapping them both somewhere between heaven and hell – and life and death!

Number of Releases: Vol: 1; Ch: 12

Release Year: 2000

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