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Short introduction to Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku:

Gabimaru the Hollow is one of the most vicious ninja assassins ever to come out of the village of Iwagakure. He’s ruthlessly efficient, but a betrayal results in him being handed a death sentence. There is only one hope: travel to a long-hidden island and recover an elixir that will make the shogun immortal and he will regain his freedom. Failure is not an option—on this island, Heaven and Hell are a hair’s breadth away.

10. Chainsaw Man

Description: Denji’s life of poverty is changed forever when he merges with his pet chainsaw dog, Pochita! Now he’s living in the big city and an official Devil Hunter. But he’s got a lot to learn about his new job and chainsaw powers!

Number of Releases: Vol: 11; Ch: 97

Release Year: 2018

9. Dandadan

Description: Takakura, an occult maniac who doesn’t believe in ghosts, and Ayase, a girl who doesn’t believe in aliens, try to overcome their differences when they encounter the paranormal!

Number of Releases: Vol: 4+; Ch: 52+

Release Year: 2021

8. Tenshou no Quadrable

Description: In the age of the Warring States, four young men endure the training to become shinobi, earning special skills. Now they mus navigate through the vast oceans to save Europe from a darkness born from the devil! This historical adventure starring four young boys begins!

Number of Releases: Vol: 4; Ch: 38

Release Year: 2017

7. Asklepios

Description: An order has been sent out to hunt down Asklepios, a Greek demon god of medicine, whom the Church believes is practicing unorthodox methods. A member of armed forces group assigned to this mission by the name of Luca encounters two kids who saved him when he was injured during a fight. Who are these kids, and can they help out Luca with his personal reason for doing this assignment?

Number of Releases: Vol: 3; Ch: 19

Release Year: 2008

6. Mitsume ga Tooru

Description: Sharaku is a descendant of an ancient race of three eyed humans who once ruled the world in the old days with superior technology and intelligence. Sharaku is very intelligent, but also very evil. If his third eye is covered, he becomes a very likeable, nice, clueless little kid. Wato is the daughter of a local priest and is in love with the evil, powerful side of Sharaku. The evil Sharaku is in love with her and acts as her protector, but when his third eye is covered, Wato has to protect him and act as his mother.

Number of Releases: Vol: 13; Ch: 77

Release Year: 1974

5. Kagerou-Nostalgia: The New Chapter

Description: For centuries, the lands have been plagued by conflict. The people suffered, and many lives were lost as two powerful clans waged their decades-long war. But the brutal murder of the eleventh princess of the Hikami clan signals the beginning of a new era. The souls of those who died centuries ago have returned, housed within in the bodies of a group of courageous young boys and girls. Already, this group of special young teens knows that they must band together to once again face their enemy, the bloodthirsty Shogun. But the Shogun is a master of the black arts, and the only way the teens can defeat him is to train and develop their own supernatural power…

Number of Releases: Vol: 3; Ch: 14

Release Year: 2002

4. Kagerou-Nostalgia

Description: For the past 500 years, a certain country has spent day and night fighting countless wars. However, the appearance of General Kuroda Kyoutaka seemed to foretell the end of this war-torn world with eighty percent of the country already under his rule. His followers are the People Hunters, indiscriminate murderers who suddenly started killing under Kuroda’s orders 15 years earlier. In foreign countries, in their own villages, men, women, children and the old… there were no distinctions made. Kuroda’s followers simply murdered… and enjoyed it. Happening upon a lone priest with the eyes of his dead sister, a displaced young man named Kazuma struggles against the demons of his past and present. In this strife ridden land how will he fare?

Number of Releases: Vol: 5

Release Year: 1999

3. Ryuurouden: Chuugen Ryouran-hen

Description: The continuation of Shiro Amachi’s journey in the Three Kingdoms era brought him to the Kingdom of Wei, Cao Cao’s kingdom and he strives to repel the advances of Wu under the leadership of Zhou Yu. Shiro was given an elite army of his own by Cao Cao and with help from familiar faces such as Lian Hua, Zhang Liao, and the Fledging Phoenix, Shiro continues to become the focal role in maintaining the balance in the Three Kingdoms era as he faces the threat of the bringer of chaos Chung Ta and his five Tiger Generals who threatens the balance of Three Kingdoms era. And so, his legend: the legend of the Son of the Dragon, continues.

Number of Releases: Vol: 17; Ch: 106

Release Year: 2007

2. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 2: Battle Tendency

Description: Many years have passed since Jonathan Joestar stood up to the evil forces of Dio. Now, in the present, Joseph, Jonathan’s grandson, lives with his grandmother Erina and has the occasional scuffle with a thug. But after the pair is informed that Erina’s long lost friend Robert E. O. Speedwagon has been murdered, Joseph finds himself in the midst of an ongoing battle with the most powerful of foes: Santana, ACDC, Cars and Wham, four ancient warriors who have been resurrected by the Nazis for their own nefarious purposes!

Number of Releases: Vol: 7; Ch: 69

Release Year: 1987

1. Kouya no Shounen Isamu

Description: Isamu was born under a rough sign – a Japanese father, an American Indian mother, both killed by a group of racist thugs in the old west, and rescued by one of the most wanted men of the era. The son of a samurai and an Indian tracker he could become the most powerful gunslinger in the west – if can only survive one of the roughest childhoods anyone has ever seen…

Number of Releases: Vol: 12; Ch: 37

Release Year: 1971

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