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Short introduction to Lullaby of the Dawn:

Elva is a warrior priest whose life is eroded every time he fights against monsters coming from the dark sea. When he learns this, boy Alto is enraged and vows to stay by his side to look for a way to save him. After eight years, Alto has grown into a fearless young man. He still hides in his heart a feeling of love that has slowly grown stronger in the days they spent together… Meanwhile, Elva, who seemed to have only a few years left, is showing signs of recovery while spending time with Alto…?

10. Tengoku no Monban

Description: Immediately upon setting off on a cross-country tour of Japan, Kitahara Minami finds himself flung from a boat by a gorgeous woman he’s only just met. He manages to swim to a distant shore, only to find a young man in glasses waiting for him there, telling Minami, “You passed.” Because Minami made it to the island alive, the young man agrees to hire him, revealing that he’s actually the guard (owner) of this paradise island, Tenma Yuunagi. Minami is dumbfounded to be told, “Starting today, you’re my servant!” Minami starts his new job on the island, working alongside the bird- and beastfolk who live there–and one evening, he spots Yuunagi bathing in the ocean alone. Yuunagi explains that this is a purification ceremony, to ready himself for a ‘customer’. But what exactly does he mean by ‘customer’? And what exactly is this island here for? Minami is awhirl with questions…

Number of Releases: Vol: 1+; Ch: 6+

Release Year: 2020

9. Kanashiki Ningyo

Description: Umi, a tattoo artist who carries a mermaid’s curse, was born with a jet black right eye, and hid the right side of his body which carried an ugly birthmark from the curse. In order to hide this birthmark which even his parents despised, he covered it with a beautiful tattoo, and continued to live his life while hiding himself from the world. However, a chance encounter with a swindling spirit medium changed his life. This is a once-in-a-lifetime love of a young man who was called a monster

Number of Releases: Vol: 1; Ch: 6

Release Year: 2021

8. Tsumi to Kuchizuke

Description: Yamato is sent to the gorgeous Fiji Islands in place of his brother Hikaru to meet a hunky race car driver named Kyle, a bisexual man with a well-known fetish for Japanese people. While the island Kyle inhabits is a tropical paradise, a dark cloud looms over Yamato’s vacation when he learns that his brother left out a number of important details about his trip – like the fact that Hikaru and Kyle are lovers; and that since Kyle is currently injured and can’t race, Hikaru wants to end the relationship. What’s more, he expects Yamato to be the one to tell him! But as the two men spend time together, the more smitten Yamato becomes. Why does he have to be the one to break poor Kyle’s heart?

Number of Releases: Vol: 1; Ch: 7

Release Year: 2005

7. Bokura wo Hedateru Ao to Shiro

Description: When Hozumi returns to the island he grew up on, he is hoping to speak to Mishima, his close friend and love from high school. Hozumi lied to Mishima about his feelings in high school, breaking his heart, and they haven’t spoken since. Hozumi discovers that Mishima has become a hermit, living isolated in the lighthouse his grandfather tended to. But Hoshizumi is determined to speak with Mishima one more time.

Number of Releases: Vol: 1; Ch: 5

Release Year: 2018

6. Focus

Description: A young photographer, Hirami Yuichi visits an island for an exhibition and meets the gallery’s owner, Asahina Jun and fell in love at first sight. Even with a direct approach, it doesn’t reach the heterosexual Asahina. However, one day when Asahina talked about his past with him, he was moved and he hugged him. Getting closer or staying away, both of them make it hard to leave.

Number of Releases: Vol: 2; Ch: 8

Release Year: 2014

5. A Death Wish and an Alien

Description: Fushishiba regrets being born every single day of his life. He has terrible communication skills and doesn’t think he can contribute to society. Things go even more downhill when people find out he’s gay. He relocates to a remote island research facility, where he meets Futaba, who claims to be an alien. Can this quirky, out-of-this-world guy teach him how to enjoy life to the fullest?

Number of Releases: Ch: 6

Release Year: 2017

4. Hands Off, I Said! -I’m His Desert Island Delicacy-

Description: The story starts with Natsuki, a genius hacker, and his gang of criminals. After a heist, they plan to sail away to the Southern Islands until the heat dies down. However, a storm capsizes the boat and shipwrecks Natsuki! After waking up on a mysterious beach, Natsuki realizes that he is stranded with little hope of being rescued… Just then, Adone, a black-haired, tan, apparent native of the island appears. He’s wearing a revealing loincloth and carrying a spear. Not understanding the language of our protagonist, Adone inspects Natsuki for danger by touching him all over. Finally, an embarrassed Natsuki reluctantly agrees to take off his clothes… Just how far will this relationship go? 

Number of Releases: Vol: 1+; Ch: 9+

Release Year: 2018

3. Tale of the Waning Moon

Description: After a night of serious boozing, a jilted young man named Ryuka speaks his wish for true love atop a starlit hill. His words reach the ears of Ixto, the spirit of the last quarter moon, who decides to grant Ryuka’s wish. Unfortunately for Ryuka, Ixto’s handpicked selections to be the young man’s lover are all men themselves! And when his rejection of these choices leads to an unexpected night of passion that casts a spell on him, will Ryuka give in to his enchanted body’s urge to chase after Ixto and journey through worlds unknown, or will his mind win over his heart?

Number of Releases: Vol: 4; Ch: 37

Release Year: 2008

2. Kurobuta Hime no Kamikakushi (Novel)

Description: No synopsis yet – check back soon!

Number of Releases: Vol: 1

Release Year: 2016

1. Kaguya-hime

Description: On Kabuchi-jima, an island ruled by Princess Kaguya, ten children were raised as sacrificial victims. Several of the children thought they had escaped their fate when they escaped the island. But nearly a decade later, the kids are still dying in the order and at the time they would have as sacrifices… Their only hope now is to reunite and return to the island to seek out and destroy the source–the legend, the blood-lusting Moon Princess–before time runs out.

Number of Releases: Vol: 27

Release Year: 1993

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