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Short introduction to Oh! My Assistant:

Seonho in an artist, who draws adult webcomics. It started as an easy way to make money, but it’s caused some unexpected side effects: he hasn’t been aroused for over two years! Exhausted, he hires an assistant. It’s just that, he didn’t expect him to be so cute! Muyeong is clean, talented, and apparently loaded so…why does he want to work under Seonho? Turns out, Muyeong is Seonho’s number one fan…

10. Alien in My Wardrobe

Description: “Hey you, Livestock, I need a subject for my alien probe” are not words Haesung expected to ever hear. He spends his days spacing out, hopelessly fantasizing about being tied up by his office crush, Shiwon. But his secret BDSM fantasies come to life as a brutally sexy alien crash-lands on Earth and ropes in Haesung as his research subject (and roommate). Things heat up when Haesung submits to the experiment—in exchange for sexual favors that are out of this world!

Number of Releases: Ch: 53

Release Year: 2020

9. Walk on Water

Description: Ed, a broke bodyguard in search of some fast cash, enters the world of porn by applying to the adult film company McQueen Entertainment under the alias ‘Tommy.’ He originally planned to just perform as a top. But one day when his partner couldn’t make it on time for the shoot, Ed ends up playing bottom to the charismatic owner of the company himself, Glenn McQueen!

Number of Releases: Ch: 62

Release Year: 2018

8. Sign

Description: There are a few unusual things about Cafe Goyo. Number one, their coffee sucks. Number two, their customers never order off the menu. And number three, Yohan, the cafe manager, is deaf. So when Soohwa joins as a part-timer, though he is not expected to learn how to make good coffee, he is asked to expand his sign language vocabulary beyond the words, “higher,” “pay,” and “please.” But when Yohan offers to give him private lessons, Soohwa is reluctant. Not because he doesn’t want to study, but because he has a “hard” time around Yohan. Like, literally. He gets hard. Whenever he hears Yohan’s deep, sexy voice.

Number of Releases: Ch: 115

Release Year: 2017

7. Ask for Affection

Description: Hiroto spends the night drinking himself silly over how all the guys he dates just want him for his looks and body. They don’t love him for who he really is! But, isn’t the person who saves Hiroto from himself that extremely popular adult film star…!?

Number of Releases: Vol: 1; Ch: 5

Release Year: 2020

6. The Baker on the First Floor

Description: Sun Hwa is a BL artist using his room as a secret base to draw his work. One day, he gets caught working on his comic by a handsome blond man. Later, he finds out that this man is the new baker on the first floor. But there’s just more to this man than simply his looks.

Number of Releases: Ch: 65

Release Year: 2016

5. The Delicious Bakery’s Part Timer

Description: In hopes of getting close to his estranged friend SeGun, NanWoo decides to work part time at the bakery run by SeGun. However, NanWoo, who visits SeGun during his rut, manifests as an omega for the first time in his life. The two intoxicated people indulge in a moment of physical ecstasy…

Number of Releases: Ch: 5

Release Year: 2020

4. Yes, My Boss!

Description: Although Ilene Jung is a popular webtoon artist, she needs another job. A crappy desk job to be exact, one tyrannically controlled by the meanest manager in the world: Jim Kang. He insults her work, refuses to teach her, and even makes her miss an important appointment by forcing her work late on her very first day. To make things worse, when Jim applies to become an artist’s assistant, the artist turns out to be Ilene! In a begrudging twist of fate, she accepts him and the two enter a bizarre working relationship both at home and at the office. How long can it last? Why is Ilene working a desk job? And who’s the boss here anyways?! 

Number of Releases: Ch: 63

Release Year: 2018

3. Love and Passion

Description: No synopsis yet – check back soon!

Number of Releases: Ch: 17+

Release Year: 2021

2. Shiny Star

Description: The top star of the gay porn industry, Hikaru, in spite of specializing at being a top, is commissioned with a side-job as a bottom, after being nominated by the highly reputed newcomer, Masaya. Hikaru refuses firmly but he ends up rising to the provocation of the arrogant and cheeky Masaya, and things end up in a sales match of their new DVDs!?

Number of Releases: Vol: 1; Ch: 12

Release Year: 2012

1. This Fish Plays with the School

Description: He went fishing, but he got fished for instead! Natsumi Narasaki, a single 29-year-old who works as a scout for a porn agency, picks up a beautiful girl named Meiko out in the city one day. When she invites him to a hotel 30 minutes after they meet, he assumes she’s a woman with an unusually high sex drive… but when he takes her to the agency office, they discover that “Meiko” is in fact a beautiful boy! Still, when Natsumi’s boss suggests he seduce Meiko anyway, Natsumi takes Meiko to a hotel… Where he pleasures Natsumi! Could Natsumi be about to lose his virginity to a man…!!? She looks like a beautiful girl… but he turns out to be a piranha in drag, devouring heterosexual one-night stands who fall for his plot…!!

Number of Releases: Vol: 1; Ch: 5

Release Year: 2016

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