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Short introduction to Real:

Tomomi is a high school dropout who was tragically responsible for crippling a beautiful girl he had just met; Kiyoharu is an ex track star whose bone cancer confined him to a wheelchair as a child; and Takahashi is newly handicapped due to an accident on his bike, stripping him as captain of the basketball team and his status as the alpha male of his gang of friends. Each of these young men shares something in common – their love for basketball. Though society may look down on them, these new friends will come to terms with themselves and their situations, and show their love of the game.

10. Slam Dunk

Description: Sakuragi Hanamichi is a delinquent who’s so unpopular with girls that he’s been rejected fifty times. Haruko Akagi is the only girl who isn’t scared of him; instead she’s impressed with Sakuragi’s athleticism and, convinced that he would do well, introduces him to the Shohoko basketball team. Desperate to impress Haruko and believing that she is the girl of his dreams, Sakuragi joins the team in spite of his initial reluctance. Surprisingly, Sakuragi is a natural at the sport regardless of his reputation for being hot-tempered and immature. From now on Sakuragi must work together with his teammates, including his rival Rukawa, to fulfill their captain’s dream of winning the national championship. That is, if they have what it takes!

Number of Releases: Vol: 31; Ch: 276

Release Year: 1990

9. With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child

Description: Sachiko Azuma felt that her first child, Hikaru, was born to her with the morning light; however, the joy she expected from being a mother was short-lived. Her child exhibited unusual behavior, not wanting to be held, seeming to not hear people when they spoke to him. Being confused as to what was wrong, she sought help from doctors who misdiagnosed the problem. Eventually learning that her son had autism, Sachiko became motivated to learn more about the disorder with the goal that her son could become a working, independent adult. Now, Sachiko continues to face the struggles of raising a child with special needs, while attempting to help seemingly-uninterested people understand more about autism.

Number of Releases: Vol: 15; Ch: 92

Release Year: 2000

8. Deep 3

Description: Demian Kawai had been playing basketball in Japan for a long time, striving towards his goal of becoming the top scorer in the world’s top professional league: the NBO. But Demian’s promising future is tragically cut short as a result of the yips: a disorder that causes his arms to freeze in place whenever he gets close to the basket…!!

Number of Releases: Vol: 3+; Ch: 23+

Release Year: 2021

7. Dragon Jam

Description: Tachibana Tatsuya’s father passed away, and he and his mother have a hard time making ends meet. To help with their situation, he chose to become a part-time worker instead of attending high school. From his father, Tatsuya had developed a love of basketball. When he isn’t working, Tatsuya plays basketball with his two friends near the Kamakura shore. They earn money by playing other people in games of 3-on-3 for cash. One day, Tatsuya’s life changes forever when he meets an older guy named TJ. TJ is interested in Tatsuya’s style, and he introduces their three-person team to the world of street ball.

Number of Releases: Vol: 16+; Ch: 159+

Release Year: 2010

6. Echoes

Description: High school freshman Igarashi Sei belongs to the women’s basketball club. Sei takes interest in Asuka, an unfriendly girl who has an outstanding basketball sense, but can’t fit in with the team. Sei struggles with being transgender and Asuka is misanthropic due to her previous relationships. The two gradually deepen their bond as they aim for nationals. Sei, however, starts to experience emotions like “love” that he cannot tell anyone about…

Number of Releases: Vol: 1; Ch: 11

Release Year: 2016


Description: High school freshman Sei Igarashi has quit basketball after an incident. However, he comes across a girl, Asuka Shinjo, playing basketball and is inspired to play again. Sei takes an interest in the unfriendly Asuka. The two develop a bond as they try to make it to the nationals.

Number of Releases: Vol: 1; Ch: 4

Release Year: 2018

4. Tsubame Tip Off!

Description: A new highschool student with a complex about her height – Tsubame. Being unathletic and clumsy she seeks to join a cultural club, and despite her height she gives off the persona of a small and shy girl. Enter her upperclassman, Ibis, a small girl with a big presence, who suddenly invites her to the basketball club?!

Number of Releases: Vol: 4+; Ch: 47+

Release Year: 2019

3. Bukuro Kicks

Description: The story is set on Tokyo. There is a rumor running around Tokyo about winning 10 million yen if you win a match to the blind soccer team “Jade Emperor Shinjuku”. At that time, Ji-he, a korean girl, was looking for a member to join Brassica, a blind soccer team from Ikebukuro. One day, a blind young man called Oyamada came to the cabaret club where she works. Oyamada, who has no experience in blind soccer, is forced to join to team to match the required number of members. However, this man is actually…

Number of Releases: Vol: 5; Ch: 43

Release Year: 2020

2. Rou-Kyu-Bu! Yonkoma

Description: No synopsis yet – check back soon!

Number of Releases: Vol: 2; Ch: 24

Release Year: 2011

1. Run on Your New Legs

Description: After the loss of his leg, Kikuzato’s dream of becoming a soccer ace comes to an end. But with use of a prosthetic leeg, he finds a new goal — to become a track star and win gold at the Tokyo Paralympics!

Number of Releases: Vol: 5; Ch: 38

Release Year: 2019

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