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Short introduction to Requiem of the Rose King:

Richard’s father, the patriarch of the House of York, is poised to become king of medieval England during the bloody Wars of the Roses. But just as success is imminent, he is abruptly cut down. Plunged into despair, Richard acts out in revenge and must face a powerful and beautiful new enemy.

10. Cantarella

Description: From birth, Cesare Borgia is surrounded by shadows. Damned by his own father, hated by his closest brother, separated from the sister who loves him, and driven by the demons of Hell itself, his quest for power threatens to set the world of Renaissance Italy ablaze — unless one innocent person can drive away the poisonous shadows ravaging him!Enter the world of the Borgias. A world of unspeakable conspiracies and forbidden desires. A family whose murderous intrigues would make them infamous throughout history. A history written in blood…and a poison called Cantarella.

Number of Releases: Vol: 12; Ch: 48

Release Year: 2001

9. Hamlet: Manga de Dokuha

Description: Based on the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare.

Number of Releases: Vol: 1; Ch: 7

Release Year: 2011

8. Hamlet (Noriko KASUYA)

Description: Based on the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare.

Number of Releases: Vol: 1

Release Year: 1976

7. Otome Sensou

Description: In 1420, right as what would be known as the Bohemian War began. A young girl named Sarka is raped and left for dead among the corpses of her whole town, but she manages to survive. She is picked up by the Bohemian forces, who put a gun in her hands and take her on board as a soldier. Will Sarka be able to fight and take her vengeance?

Number of Releases: Vol: 12; Ch: 60

Release Year: 2013

6. Maria the Virgin Witch

Description: Maria is a young witch living in France during the Hundred Years’ War. She despises warfare and does everything in her power to stop the violence, but her good intentions are not always appreciated. Many people see her as an interfering interloper; and the church, fundamentally opposed to witchcraft, has decided that Maria is a sinner in need of redemption. To make matters worse, agents from Heaven have started bothering her as well, displeased with her use of magic to influence humanity’s free will. The archangel Michael finally forbids further interference with earthly affairs, and decrees that if Maria ever loses her virginity, she’ll lose her powers as well! He sends his agent Ezekiel to keep an eye on the virgin witch and keep her out of trouble, but constraining such a free spirit to the laws of heaven might be a lot harder than he thinks!

Number of Releases: Vol: 3; Ch: 25

Release Year: 2008

5. Youhei Pierre

Description: The year is 1429 and the Hundred Years’ War has continued for nearly a century with no end in sight. Pierre, a bastard in both lineage and temperament, is the leader of the Unicorns of Anju, a band of mercenaries who fight solely for coin and who are not above pillaging and raping villages in search of it. They believe that the foolish fight for justice and ideals, for such empty things leave the stomach equally empty. Drifting from battlefield to battlefield, the Unicorns of Anju find themselves in the employ of La Hire, who is in the service of Jeanne D’arc. She enraptures Pierre; but he, ever the mercenary, coerces a promise from her. Under the guidance of Jeanne D’arc, the tide of war begins to shift in France’s favor. Nevertheless, how long will she be able to withstand the burden of the hopes and dreams of an entire country?

Number of Releases: Vol: 4; Ch: 26

Release Year: 2004

4. Femmes Fatales

Description: O-Sato is willing to do anything to get revenge on the men who raped and murdered her younger sister, even if she must sleep with the perpetrators in order to get close enough to them to slit their throats. She is a viper longing to coat her fangs in the blood of the guilty. O-Sono marries into wealth and power. However, her jealousy soon drives her to punish her cheating husband right where it will hurt him the most. O-Kinu uses her innocent face and honeyed words to get whatever she wants, no matter the cost. She leaves a trail of the blood of her lovers in her wake. Sinister and sexy, the women illustrated in Femmes Fatales embrace their darkest natures. Men who enter into the barbed embraces of these deadly women are doomed to never leave. Hell hath no fury…

Number of Releases: Vol: 1

Release Year: 2008

3. Shirayuri no Kishi

Description: Jeanne d’Arc was a 17 year old peasant girl who was totally unschooled in the strategies of war. Devoutly religious, she had seen visions and heard heavenly voices that told her to go to the dauphin, lead his troops to victory, free France of her enemies and see him crowned king in the great cathedral at Rheims. She was opposed by officials and she was forced to travel across France through enemy territory but so great was her consecration that it enabled her to reach the dauphin, to win belief in her mission, and to ride in shining armor beneath the golden lilied banner as the leader of the armies of France. The author introduces two original characters in the story, Pierre, a young shepherd who loves Jeanne since they were children and William, an english spy who Jeanne falls in love with.

Number of Releases: Vol: 2

Release Year: 1975

2. Love Story

Description: A knight and a pilgrim are thrown together by circumstances in this tale set in Europe during the Middle Ages. 

Number of Releases: Vol: 1; Ch: 3

Release Year: 2009

1. Black Knight

Description: Zeke O’Brien may have his eyes on the title of Black Knight- the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a knight in the kingdom of Aran- but he’s also after another prize: the young prince, Chris!

Number of Releases: Vol: 5

Release Year: 2003

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