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Short introduction to Taming the Tiger:

Ahn Geum-hoo needs a butcher to provide fresh animal blood for his sickly brother’s medicine. While most of the butchers seem reluctant to provide him with what he needs, Nobody is willing to do Geum-hoo’s bidding. With striking features and a strong build, Nobody has quite a reputation amongst the village folk. Yet, Geum-hoo finds a way to tame this wild tiger. First, he gives him a name—Beom. Then, he invites him to a world that this nobody’s never experienced…

10. Odd Love

Description: On the outside, Jeong Jaehan has it all. He’s a third-generation chaebol in charge of an incredibly successful film production company. Despite all the power and money, he’s been secretly suffering from a torturous ailment. After years of drugs and alcohol abuse, he’s lost the ability to orgasm- or so he thought. When someone from his past unexpectedly shows up, Jaehan experiences pleasure that he thought he’d lost forever…

Number of Releases: Ch: 55

Release Year: 2020

9. Under the Greenlight

Description: Jin is the most perfectly beautiful man Matthew’s ever seen. He’s also a high-ranking and violent criminal full of frustrated ambitions and equally frustrated appetites. But Matthew, a sculpture student prodigy, can only see the beauty—not the darkness. One way or another, Matthew will pay the price for his muse, with his body… or with something far more costly.

Number of Releases: Ch: 37+

Release Year: 2021

8. Rent Boy

Description: Anton, the heir to the Arnault family, has finally come of age. As is customary for nobles, he is given access to the Cyrene Salon, a cafe filled with pleasure…and secrecy. After just one unforgettable evening with Arwin, the parlor’s “number one,” the normally reserved Anton has soon become filled with lust and curiosity. Who is Arwin? How did he come to such a place? What is his connection to the head of the Arnault family? But most importantly, why can’t Anton get enough of him? 

Number of Releases: Ch: 57

Release Year: 2018

7. The Duke and the Tutor

Description: For Jace Walter, his successful future was all but guaranteed. He had top marks, graduated first in his class, and was in the final stages of landing a very prestigious job when he decided to pick a fight with the wrong noble. Three years after losing everything he had so diligently worked towards, he finally gets a temporary position working as a tutor for a family member of the elusive Duke. He’ll do anything to keep this job, but the duke is so handsome it’s hard to focus…

Number of Releases: Ch: 48

Release Year: 2019

6. Spinel

Description: In a world divided into slaves (Spinels) and masters (Pels), Rowell is a young duke who refuses to abide by the established rules. His parents died defending the rights of Spinels, and he, too, has never bought or sold a slave in his life. Then one night, a runaway Spinel named Dev steals an heirloom pendant of Rowell’s and blackmails him into purchasing his services. Dev plans to use Rowell’s wealth and authority to find his lost family, so he does everything in his power to dominate the kindhearted Rowell. With years of bad blood between Pels and Spinels, will the two be able to see each other beyond their labels? Or will their differences be too great to overcome?

Number of Releases: Ch: 30

Release Year: 2019

5. Spinel – Specials

Description: Special chapters of Spinel.

Number of Releases: Ch: 12

Release Year: 2020

4. Haunted by Desire

Description: Jo Seong-jae has a secret: he’s been spending passionate nights with a ghost that looks like Hong Dohui, the man he’s in love with. Plagued every night by his yearning and the unrelenting ghost, Seong-jae’s health steadily worsens. Concerned for his ailing friend, Dohui offers to help Seong-jae escape his nightmares. It’s a feat no ordinary man could accomplish, but Dohui is no ordinary man. See, Dohui has a secret, too. It just might be the key to saving Seong-jae…or to destroying them both.

Number of Releases: Ch: 10

Release Year: 2018

3. Who’s Your Daddy?

Description: Louis, the commander of the Second Chief of Guards, is abruptly diagnosed as being “in the fourth month of pregnancy” while chasing a serial killer who is making a splash in the capital. Four months ago, an unforgettable night at the palace ball… Who did he spend the night with?

Number of Releases: Ch: 47

Release Year: 2020

2. Blind Garden

Description: Set in the background of World War I, a man from a noble family and the woman who is destined to love him. A poetic drama created by the entanglement of gruesome war records and fond memories of love.

Number of Releases: Ch: 74

Release Year: 2014

1. Duchess Debauchery

Description: Long neglected by her husband the Duke Antoure, Roxina decides to end their unhappy marriage. But knowing she will be forced into yet another loveless arrangement, Roxina makes a final deal with her husband to enjoy a brief period of sexual freedom in their impending divorce. While Antoure reluctantly agrees, he clearly seems to have plans of his own…

Number of Releases: Ch: 55

Release Year: 2021

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