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Short introduction to The Wilting Light:

What lies in worlds beyond our own? Is it a bright light and then… nothingness? Or is it another land populated with gorgeous beauty and eldritch horror beyond our recognition? General Hwee-un falls in battle, leaving behind his unspoken love and a life unlived and awakens in a… forest? Malevolent spirits and demons vie for his life until a handsome goblin whisks him away to the Goblin Village and into the court of the Goblin King. Whatever life may exist in the beyond, death is only the beginning.

10. Tempters

Description: For Haesoo, the idea of a demanding, sexually aggressive “queen” has always felt more appealing than being “king” himself. But when he thinks he’s finally met someone who can turn that dream into reality, he discovers that it’s not a woman who’s waiting to dominate him but another guy… Is this the sexual fantasy that Haesoo has always been after? Can Haesoo handle being pushed far beyond his limits?

Number of Releases: Ch: 30+

Release Year: 2020

9. Graduated From You

Description: The one who traumatized me in my youth! He’s back. Even worse, he’s now a charming man charging in with overflowing affection. The irresistible yet forbidden tug of war (of love?) begins now!

Number of Releases: Ch: 56

Release Year: 2016

8. Even Though I Don’t Know Him Well

Description: Isaac was kicked out of his girlfriend’s house on a cold night and had nowhere to go. Her brother appeared in front of him and now Isaac’s going to live with him?!

Number of Releases: Ch: 36+

Release Year: 2019

7. Yours to Claim

Description: Nothing crazy ever happens to Jooin. He’s just your average college student, keeping his head down and flying under the radar. Yahwi, on the other hand, is drop dead gorgeous, super popular… but also kinda mean. So why has the campus heartthrob taken an interest in a total nobody? There must be an ulterior motive… but it’s hard to care when faced with those killer looks. Will Jooin become a slave to his desires? Or perhaps he’ll become the master himself…

Number of Releases: Ch: 74+

Release Year: 2020

6. Call Me by My Name

Description: When I entered the same university as my crush, to be with him, I met a sunbae who has the same name as that of my dog?!

Number of Releases: Ch: 32

Release Year: 2020

5. Dawn of the Frozen Wastelands

Description: In a world of frozen wastelands, a group of heroes are destined to fight a war that transcends time and space.

Number of Releases: Ch: 65

Release Year: 2016

4. Dangeum and Jigyo

Description: Our story begins with Jigyo, the crown prince, having recently been exiled from the palace with a guard, Dangeum, and the man who raised him, Chunggeum. The three are forced to pass their remaining days in a quiet village made up of mostly elderly residents. This leads to a listless and lonely Jigyo, who begins pressing Dangeum to relieve his traditional post as a voiceless shadow, and the two quickly grow closer. Hints of a bloody conspiracy, Dangeum’s mysterious origin, and a Chunggeum who seems to know more than he’s letting on – just how are these three characters connected, and what will happen to them during exile?

Number of Releases: Ch: 37+

Release Year: 2018

3. Consumua and Sudutist!

Description: Jung Woo spends most of his time nerding out, looking at various fanworks of his favorite characters. One day, he meets the artist of his favorite fanworks, Yoo Jooin, and the more he spends time with her, the more he falls for her. An artist and her number 1 fan: a match made in heaven?

Number of Releases: Ch: 61

Release Year: 2016

2. God’s Palace

Description: The story of a woman who gave birth to a child of God and a dokkaebi (goblin) who loved her.

Number of Releases: Ch: 77+

Release Year: 2020

1. Will I Be Able to Flirt With the Crown Prince Again?

Description: Baek-ah aspired to become an idol. While rehearsing for her debut, the ground suddenly shakes, the wall collapses, and she enters a different world through the portal of the clock tower. When Baek Ah fell into a fairy tale book, she suddenly becomes engaged to Prince Philip. Kairos, the country of Princess Sua, was just a small country without a princess on the verge of collapse. Philip took special care of Kairos by his own authority and waited for Sua to wake up. However, when Baek-ah wakes up, she fails to remember the world in the book and disappoints Philip. He even brings up the story of breaking up. The imperial family held a ball. On the surface, it was a place to socialize with the princesses of the subordinate country, but in fact, it is a ‘place of confrontation’ to find a fiancee again….

Number of Releases: Ch: 15+

Release Year: 2021

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