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Short introduction to Tokyo Revengers:

Watching the news, Takemichi Hanagaki learns that his girlfriend from way back in middle school, Hinata Tachibana, has died. The only girlfriend he ever had was just killed by a villainous group known as the Tokyo Manji Gang. He lives in a crappy apartment with thin walls, and his six-years-younger boss treats him like an idiot. Plus, he’s a complete and total virgin … At the height of his rock-bottom life, he suddenly time-leaps twelve years back to his middle school days!! To save Hinata, and change the life he spent running away, hopeless part-timer Takemichi must aim for the top of Kanto’s most sinister delinquent gang!!

10. Shinjuku Swan

Description: Shiratori Tatsuhiko was a bum wandering the streets with no money to his name when he meets Mako. He works as a scout for an agency called Burst that recruits girls on the streets for adult entertainment in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo. Tatsuhiko quickly learns the techniques of scouting and is even more attracted to how much money he can make. But with how the industry is maintained, Tatsuhiko has to deal with the lying, deception, violence, greed and even the yakuza. He wants to keep the morals that he has, but it gets progressively harder and harder as he gets deeper into the other side of society.

Number of Releases: Vol: 38; Ch: 392

Release Year: 2005

9. Erased

Description: Twenty-nine-year-old Satoru Fujinuma is floundering through life. Amid his daily drudgery, he finds himself in the grip of an incredible, inexplicable, and uncontrollable phenomenon that rewinds time, a condition that seems to only make his drab life worse. But then, one day, everything changes. A terrible incident forever changes Satoru’s life as he knows it…and with it, comes a “Revival” that sends Satoru eighteen years into the past! In the body of his boyhood self, Satoru encounters sights he never imagined he would see again–the smile of his mother, alive and well, his old friends, and Kayo Hinazuki, the girl who was kidnapped and murdered when he was a boy the first time around. To return to the present and prevent the tragedy that brought him back to his childhood in the first place, Satoru begins plotting a way to change Hinazuki’s fate…But up against the clock and a faceless evil, does eleven-year-old Satoru even stand a chance?

Number of Releases: Vol: 8; Ch: 44

Release Year: 2012

8. Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Chapter 1: A Day in the Capital

Description: Subaru Natsuki was just trying to get to the convenience store but wound up summoned to another world. He encounters the usual things–life-threatening situations, silver haired beauties, cat fairies–you know, normal stuff. All that would be bad enough, but he’s also gained the most inconvenient magical ability of all–time travel, but he’s got to die to use it. How do you repay someone who saved your life when all you can do is die?

Number of Releases: Vol: 2; Ch: 11

Release Year: 2014

7. Hensokukei Quadrangle

Description: In high school, Maki Eiji was a delinquent, often skipping class and getting into fights. One girl, Chino Kotoha, was kind to him, until she was targeted by delinquents due to their apparent relationship. Suffering their attack seemed to have permanently changed her for the worse. Years later, when Eiji sees her again, he is overcome with guilt and regret. To his surprise, a mysterious scantily-clad woman suddenly appears, claiming she can send him back in time to make everything right! He takes her up on the offer, but things are not as simple as they may have seemed back then. It turns out that Kotoha had her own painful secrets in those days, and Eiji may not be the only one traveling in time to change the past.

Number of Releases: Vol: 5; Ch: 21

Release Year: 2015

6. Second Break!!

Description: No synopsis yet – check back soon!

Number of Releases: Vol: 1+; Ch: 13+

Release Year: 2021

5. Two Toppu!

Description: No synopsis yet – check back soon!

Number of Releases: Vol: 8; Ch: 70

Release Year: 2003

4. Double Hard

Description: Hyami Daiki who used to be in the legendary group “Two Man Army” is best known as the invincible boxer. His partner, Takayama Jin, is the professional fighter who fights against those who undermine the rules. The fighting is violent yet with sense of justice.

Number of Releases: Vol: 30; Ch: 128

Release Year: 1994

3. Again My Life (Novel)

Description: A righteous prosecutor, life reset, punish the villain! A hot-blooded prosecutor, Kim Hi Wu was murdered, cast into the ocean while chasing the tyrant who controlled Korea. But, Kim Hi Wu meets a grim reaper who gives him a second chance and sends him back to when he was 18 years old. As a high schooler, Kim Hi Wu prepares to punish the tyrant Jo Tae Sup.“To get the devil, you must become one”

Number of Releases: Vol: 20; Ch: 506

Release Year: 2015

2. Hana no Asukagumi!

Description: The story of Kuraku Asuka, a tough junior high student who gets involved with the gang scene in the Kabuki Chou Ichibangai, a rough area of Tokyo.

Number of Releases: Vol: 27

Release Year: 1985

1. Heptagon

Description: Nana is twenty four years old and has lived most of her life without any purpose. She is known to her coworkers to be indifferent and refuses to pay attention to others when they speak to her, leaving her with very few friends. However, Nana’s life is turned upside-down when a car accident sends her back to her past; she awakens to find that she is now a fourteen-year-old junior high school student. As she relives her junior high school days, she slowly begins to uncover the painful memories that she had tried to repress as an adult. Will Nana’s past help her find a reason to live or will it prove to be much more than she can handle?

Number of Releases: Vol: 1; Ch: 5

Release Year: 2000

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