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Short introduction to Under the Greenlight:

Jin is the most perfectly beautiful man Matthew’s ever seen. He’s also a high-ranking and violent criminal full of frustrated ambitions and equally frustrated appetites. But Matthew, a sculpture student prodigy, can only see the beauty—not the darkness. One way or another, Matthew will pay the price for his muse, with his body… or with something far more costly.

10. Twittering Birds Never Fly

Description: The sexually masochistic yakuza boss, Yashiro, isn’t the type to warm up to others easily. But when Chikara Doumeki, his newly hired bodyguard, catches his interest, he reconsiders his “hands-off” policy with subordinates. As Yashiro’s invitations fail, the yakuza boss finds out his bodyguard has a very personal reason for staying at arm’s length.

Number of Releases: Vol: 7+; Ch: 47+

Release Year: 2011

9. Odd Love

Description: On the outside, Jeong Jaehan has it all. He’s a third-generation chaebol in charge of an incredibly successful film production company. Despite all the power and money, he’s been secretly suffering from a torturous ailment. After years of drugs and alcohol abuse, he’s lost the ability to orgasm- or so he thought. When someone from his past unexpectedly shows up, Jaehan experiences pleasure that he thought he’d lost forever…

Number of Releases: Ch: 55

Release Year: 2020

8. Taming the Tiger

Description: Ahn Geum-hoo needs a butcher to provide fresh animal blood for his sickly brother’s medicine. While most of the butchers seem reluctant to provide him with what he needs, Nobody is willing to do Geum-hoo’s bidding. With striking features and a strong build, Nobody has quite a reputation amongst the village folk. Yet, Geum-hoo finds a way to tame this wild tiger. First, he gives him a name—Beom. Then, he invites him to a world that this nobody’s never experienced…

Number of Releases: Ch: 49+

Release Year: 2021

7. Shutline

Description: Shin is barely making ends meet, hustling as a rogue mechanic on the mean city streets. Problem is, work never comes easy and the dough is nothing to shout about. But when Jake pulls up with car trouble one day, it’s obvious that there’s money to be made: he’s tall, blond and dressed like a million bucks. Jackpot. And after such a handsome payday, Shin is reluctant to let this sucker go. Little does he know that giving Jake his number may be the biggest mistake he’s ever made. And it isn’t long before Jake wants more than his car fixing…

Number of Releases: Ch: 41+

Release Year: 2021

6. Love Jinx

Description: Every kiss is cursed! Haekyung’s got it all: looks, personality, job. But there’s one thing messing up his seemingly perfect life: a jinx. Whenever he kisses someone, he gets dumped, his projects fail, and general misery ensues. Now freshly single, will Haekyung be able to overcome his jinx?

Number of Releases: Ch: 44+

Release Year: 2020

5. The War on Feminization Drugs

Description: Gutsy, hot-headed Kaoru’s on an undercover operation to uncover the truth behind a black market drug that makes men mindless slaves to their own pleasure. But when he impulsively decides to go off on his own, he suddenly gets forced to experience how the drug really works – with his body as the ultimate piece of evidence!

Number of Releases: Vol: 2; Ch: 33

Release Year: 2018

4. Kagerou no Mori

Description: Minori was attracted by Kitagawa Yougo’s first work, “Fallen Birds” and came all the way from Tokyo to his exhibition in the countryside. Their first meeting ended in a very unexpected way and it seemed that Kitagawa sensei was deeply in love with Minori since a long time ago. How can that be? Will Minori accept Kitagawa sensei?

Number of Releases: Vol: 1; Ch: 7

Release Year: 2003

3. Tosca no Inu

Description: Will it hurt or will it feel good? The Kuroda clans and Kirigaya clans are rival yakuza gangs that control parts of the Kanto region. A certain incident leads to a volatile situation between the two groups. Tomoya Nishida, the second in command of the Kirigaya clan, who wants to avoid the conflict at all costs, makes a proposition to Fuyushi Kuroda. The price is his own body. In order to keep his mouth shut, Nishida offers his body to Fuyushi as if to seduce him, but… In the world of men with moral code, tactics and pleasure intersect! 

Number of Releases: Vol: 1; Ch: 5

Release Year: 2018

2. A Fool and his Gangster

Description: “If you want a sucker that bad, I’ve got something for you…” Joji looks like a violent gangster, but he’s actually a kind and caring person. Yuu, on the other hand, makes a living with his body. Ever since he found Yuu beaten in an alley, Joji can’t say no whenever the boy begs for food or money. Joji is worried about Yuu and makes him promise to find honest work. But, despite his promise, Joji finds Yuu trying to pick up customers again. Yuu doesn’t value his life no matter how much danger he’s in, and Joji finds himself acting impulsively…! With a caring gangster and a boy of questionable virtue, this is a romantic comedy with a touch of danger!

Number of Releases: Vol: 1; Ch: 5

Release Year: 2017

1. The Abyss

Description: Several days of torture is not enough to make the Captain disclose the location of his team’s safe house. Seeing that their tricks are working in vain, his captors call in the Colonel to get the vital information out of him. This cold-blooded Colonel will readily kill anyone within a heartbeat to get the information he needs. However, the Captain just so happens to have a pretty face…and the Colonel knows just what he wants to do to it.

Number of Releases: Ch: 4

Release Year: 2021

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